Saturday, February 20, 2010

RedBubble Changes, Kudos, & Disappointment

As you know, back in December, I started two photography sites so I could offer my photography for sale as prints and cards and on many different items. Well, one of those sites is with RedBubble. I just recently became aware that RedBubble decided to change some things, and I (and many other people on RedBubble) am not pleased with their decisions.

One thing they did, which was great, is they offered discounts for bulk orders. Kudos for that change, RedBubble. They also made coupons available. This is another great idea. However, the thing they did which I H.A.T.E. is they started adding white borders around the photos on greeting cards, laminated prints, and more. It's terrible. It looks SO unprofessional, and it may cause me to shut down my RedBubble site.

Here's what the greeting cards look like now...

Very unprofessional looking, in my opinion. I could print my own cards and make them look more professional than than, AND I'd keep all the profit!

I haven't made up my mind yet what I'm going to do. Stay with RedBubble or leave and try some place like Zazzle. All I know is I'm frustrated. I was already frustrated with the lack of success on my sites, and then this happens. I realize my sites haven't been around for very long, and I need to be patient. I realize my photography sales sites wouldn't fall under the category of a successful home based business, but I guess I just allowed myself to get my hopes up. I won't give up, I just may need to try different things... just not sure what those different things are yet. LOL If you have suggestions, I'd more than willing to listen!



I'm sorry about the frustration and aggravation
I don't like the white border either

what about etsy?


That's a shame about RedBubble changing the layout of their cards. Personally I don't like that white border either. I can sympathize with your frustration.

Maude Lynn

Hang in there! Would Cafe Press be of any use to you?


Your local printer could do this.
I agree the white border distracts from the image.
Keep up good thoughts Misty!


the white border is bad. You may want to try corporate accounts for your cards. My friend's company gives out blank note cards as corporate Christmas gifts and i just love them, because they are always tasteful and I use them when writing notes to special clients as well.

Perhaps you could set up a website that links to your blog so that they can see the work that you do.

Warm regard

medical transportation

great work but personally I don't like that white border either. Red Bubble changing the layout of their cards.

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