Monday, February 1, 2010

Wants, Needs, & Wishlists

Well, the winter holidays are now behind us, which means the prices on items are hopefully decreasing too. Hubs and I don't exchange gifts for Christmas, birthdays, anniversary, etc. We do however, support each other when something comes up during the year which we need, can really use, or, I'll admit it, really, really want. ;-) I then start comparing prices and trying to find ways to save money on the item, such as coupons and special promotions.

For awhile now, Hubs has had his eye on a new television. Our television's speakers are going bad, and the color gets funky on us sometimes too. Besides, a flat panel tv would save a lot of space, and one thing Hubs and I don't have much of in our house is space! So, I've had my eye out for any coupons at Best Buy which would get us a quality flat screen at a good price.

Keep it between us, but I also keep my eye on Newegg coupons. I think it is time to upgrade my laptop, especially since I use it so much that the keys keep popping off of it! That's VERY annoying when you work two jobs from home that require a LOT of typing! I've also been dreaming about a really good photo printer (I've got an Epson in my dreams). I want to be able to do my own prints from home and not have to pay an outside printer.

Hmmm... then there's that macro lens........


Mom Knows Everything

My brother has a 52 inch flat screen. It's like a mini movie theater in his house!

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