Friday, February 19, 2010

Were You Worried Bout Me?

Well, I lucked out! The weather didn't get bad before or during my drive home from work (just in case you were worried about me). So, I was able to go grocery shopping, drive home, and unload half the groceries before the snow started flying. Even then though, it wasn't too bad. So, I'm glad I avoided having to drive in more nasty weather, but I'm STILL majorly sick and tired of winter. I realize that it's only February, and we've still got quite a bit of winter left, but the way it has been this year just makes it seem like it has been winter for forever! I just want some weather which allows me to go for walks and take photos again - not taking photo walks for so long is starting to make me majorly depressed! I guess I could do some ellipticals to get some exercise, but it's just not the same! I need the camera around my neck and to be surrounded by nature (without my nose hairs freezing or snow blowing in my face - just sayin').


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I am really looking forward to see summer! I can't wait to hit the sands and enjoy Mr. Sunshine on my skin :-)

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