Friday, March 12, 2010

Camera-Critters #101

(c) Misty DawnS

The other day, while watching my dogs, it occurred to me how much the older two (Tag and Molly) trained Maggie May for me when we got her as a puppy. Sure, they didn't train her about how to get a free online life insurance quote, but they did train her on many other things. Thinking back, I realized that we didn't really spend much energy or time potty training Maggie May, because the other two actually trained her for us.

You see, still to this day, when one of the other dogs does something good, we react with a "Oh, good girl!" or "Oh, good boy!" Well, that immediately gets Maggie's attention. She wants to know what they did to receive our attention and get told they are good. So, she'll quickly turn to see what they did, and she'll mimic it. So, yes, the older two dogs played a big part in training the puppy, and they still do. This became quite clear to me the other day.

It was raining when I got home and let the dogs out to potty. The dogs know the routine... they go potty, and then they come inside and get fed, which is VERY important to Molly. She never misses dinner-time. Well, Maggie May was so caught up in the rain and wind that day that she would NOT take a break from running around and go potty. I kept telling her "Potty Maggie. Go potty." But, she was too interested in what was going on around her. Finally, Molly-Collie stepped off the porch, where she and Tag had been patiently waiting to go inside to eat. I watched Molly sniff the ground, and then squat like she was going potty. I knew she already went, and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why she needed to go again. Then, I noticed that she just kept staring into my eyes while she was squatting, like she was trying to get through to me. So, as normal, I said "Good girl, Molly." Well, Miss Maggie May whipped around and immediately ran over to see what Molly had just done that was so good. She saw what Molly was doing and she instantly squatted and went potty, and then she followed Molly up to the porch to go inside.

Meanwhile, I stood there in disbelief at the intelligent and thought-out act I just witnessed from my Molly. I mean, I shouldn't be in disbelief, because I know how intelligent they are, but that required her to stand there, realize the problem, and come up with the solution.

I'm telling ya - those dogs constantly make me think that dogs really are the ones who have it all figured out. We could learn a lot from them!



Cute photo and yes dogs are wonderful and can learn from each other. Happy CC.


Lovely dogs, and they are just like kids, learning from the older ones


That is brilliant!


They are both beautiful dogs. Great post!


I have a weakness for black and white furry dogs. Yours are just gorgeous..I don't have one right now, but when I do, I'll make sure that my pet has adequate health insurance..

i beati

That's why they are the top of the list !! sandy

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: Neat story from the lives of your dogs.


I am never amazed anymore about how smart animals are. The joy is in experiencing it, as you have here! Nice story, great capture! ~ks

Judith @ Lavender Cottage

Our dogs are smarter than we give them credit for have one of the most intelligent breeds, so no surprise with stories you can tell. :-)

Living In Williamsburg Virginia

They are amazing dogs -so smart! Just beautiful pics.
Darryl and Ruth


Great story, Misty. 8v)

Sure is nice having older fur-kids to keep the younger in line.


Your Molly is definitely a smart girl! And gorgeous, too.


I'm visiting a little late because I was out all day visiting Indian Pueblo ruins and taking photos.

Love the photos of the playful dogs!


My mom person wants to get another puppy & the breeder told her that I would train the puppy. She didn't really believe it, but this story really proves it.

Carolyn Ford

They are beautiful and appear so happy and playful.

Busy Mom in Iowa

That's awesome that your dogs did that! And they are adorable :)


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amo a todos los perros, son los seres más maravillosos!!!
un placer visitarte, gracias.

Carla | UPrinting

Just like humans we would like to be appreciated when did something good. Dogs are like this too they want to be complemented when they are good. I think dogs are born talented. Teach them and they will learn. Just don't give up training them.

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2 cute puppy

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