Sunday, March 21, 2010

Got Vowels?

Cld y rd my psts wtht vwls?

Oh, I'm sorry. I was just experimenting. The question was, "Could you read my posts without vowels?" If I wrote wrnkl fc crm, would you know that it meant wrinkle face cream? O.K., probably not. Well, it was worth a try anyway.

Yes, there IS a method behind my madness. You see, I'm having serious trouble with my laptop lately, which I've mentioned previously. More specifically, I'm having a lot of trouble with my keyboard. The keys, mostly the vowels, pop off the keyboard. Or, they get turned around and stuck under other keys, which prevents the other keys from working too. It's very annoying. I've had people suggest superglue to me, but I'm afraid of getting a key glued in the wrong position and then not being able to use it at all.

Yes, I've been looking at getting a new laptop, but I have to wait to see how bad our taxes are going to be this year. We usually have to pay taxes because of my self-employment. So, I've got to wait and see how bad this year will be before I can even entertain the idea of a new laptop.

In the meantime. My psts my nt hv vwls.




It's not as easy as with the vowels, but I could read your posts if I had to!

Sorry about the keyboard. :(


Cn stll rd t frnd. Nt s sy, bt stll rdble. Jst.


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