Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Bed For Our Boy

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That's my boy... errrr, I mean Daddy's Boy, Tag. Everything Tag does, he does at 110%. He gives everything he's got in everything he does. Because of this, and his excessive love for working outside on the farm with his "dad", Taggy's body suffers. We believe he has early onset arthritis, and by the end of the day, his movements and walking are labored.

For this reason, Tag gets the special pleasure of sleeping upstairs where there are softer places to sleep. At one point, we had one of those large dog beds for him to lay on, but we don't have it anymore.

As you know, my dogs mean the world to me. Therefore, I started looking for another dog bed for Tag to have upstairs. I want him to be able to stretch out and be comfortable, so I've been browsing extra large dog beds for him. Hubs has even come up with some ideas for trying to make Tag a comfortable place to sleep. One way or another, we'll provide him with as much comfort as we can. No, my dogs are not spoiled - they're just well loved. ;-)



Tag is a very cute dog! Great shot!

Mary Lou

When we were little, our name was named Tagg. I haven't heard of one since until now...
Hope he gets a bed soon...

Coffeeveggie addict.

he must be very very tired at night but still lucky to have y0u and y0ur husband to take care of him

Ambulance Oklahoma City

nice dog and thanks for shearing your blog good work


Tag is just like the rest of us Border's... always on the lookout for WORK! Mine comes in the way of chasing a tennis ball or keeping the other dogs in line (I pretend that they are sheep and cattle!) My human mom has made several dog beds using old bed pillows and is talking about making one stuffed with old t-shirts. They bought a huge bed for my cousins on clearance through Orvis and it's holding up really well. Oh, Misty, my human mom says your photography is Beauuuuutiful!!!

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