Saturday, April 3, 2010

Camera-Critters #104

Mr. Beautiful Man, why are you flaunting your beauty so???

(c) Misty DawnS

Is it O.K. to call a guy beautiful?
Do you mind if I call you beautiful?
Whew, that's good, because you ARE beautiful.

(c) Misty DawnS

My GOODness, you are GORGEOUS... with a capital G, and, well, capital everything else too!
Are you flaunting your beauty just for me?
I'm so honored.

(c) Misty DawnS

So, you're wanting to be the next TOP Male Pheasant Model, eh?
Is that it?
I think you win. Hands down.
I'm so honored you are showing off for me!

(c) Misty DawnS

Oh... NOW the truth comes out!!!
It had nothing to do with me, huh?
You just led me on.
Let me think you were flaunting your stuff for me!
I don't really mean anything to you, do I?
It's O.K., I'll only cry for a little while.
Besides, who can blame ya?
You're so gorgeous, you've not only got me admiring you, but also...
not one, not two, but THREE other ladies following you around!

(c) Misty DawnS

Take your pic, my Dear. I'll be O.K. with it...
as long as you have LOTS of beautiful babies for me to photograph :-)




He is a very handsome pheasant ... with lots of girlfriends! Happy Anniversary, Misty. Here's to many more Camera Critter years!


Yes he can be called beautiful and gorgeous.

Happy anniversary Ms. Misty.

Carolina Mountains

Guys can be beautiful and he certainly is!


IT took me a while to find the third female. The male's call always reminds me of a Model A Ford horn.

Verna Luga

Hi There... these birds are lovely ... Happy Critters Anniversary ... and Happy Easter ... All the best ..

followed you too!

White Monarch
Happy Easter
Majestic Mt. Apo

A Garden of Threads

Wow, what luck getting those pictures. They are lovely.

Coffeeveggie addict.

very nice lol!i love the humor in here...happy 2 years anniversary....more power!

Gardening in a Sandbox

Ooh La Lah. Happy Easter. Valerie


Ha ha! So funny. :) I think he was gorgeous too! Looks like a bunch of other ladies did too. I'm still smiling. :)

Adrienne Zwart

Oh my, he IS pretty! Congratulations on 2 great years of Camera Critters. I have thoroughly enjoyed participating!

Corner Gardener Sue

Well, he is gorgeous! I'm sorry he broke your heart.

Happy Anniversary!


What gorgeous colours he is sporting!

Carletta's Captures

What a colorful guy in all that brown! Super captures Misty!
Two years - WOW - thanks for the fun!


Great shots of the Pheasant, Misty. And thanks for two years of's been a blast.


Pheasants. Show offs - every one of them. Nice pics.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: What a great photo of the Ring-necked Pheasants.


He is definitely gorgeous!


Great shots of the beautiful pheasants. Love all your pictures.

Happy Easter!

Iowa Gardening Woman

Thanks so much for Camera Critters, I have enjoyed it!


Happy Anniversary, Misty!!!

Kay | Online Poster Printing

Beautiful and Gorgeous Pictures! Camera Critters are so good!Looking forward for more! Happy Anniversary to you and Belated Happy Easter! God Bless!


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