Saturday, April 10, 2010

Camera-Critters #105

(c) Misty DawnS

Ummm George?

Yes, Dear?

George, there's a weird creature over there. It stands on two legs like one of those humans, but it has a big eye sticking out of its head which moves back and forth. No, George! Don't look!!! We don't know if it's dangerous! Certainly seems harmless enough, though.

Don't worry, Dear! I will stand big and tall! I will protect you from anything! Nothing will get by me! I will change into my super-goose costume and save not only you, my dear, but the whole Wooooorld!

Oh for crying out loud, George! You're a goose! Just a goose! You are NOT some super-goose-hero! Geesh! You been drinking the creek water again?



Love this picture! Great capture of the the goose in action!


I guess these geese protect themselves in odd ways. To me, they just look like factories to excrete massive waste in one's yard! So funny what you wrote about them though.


Judith @ Lavender Cottage

It's spring and mating season! Looks like George is trying to show off what a catch he'd be! :-)

cats of wildcat woods

Love the name George - my uncle actually had a grey goose named George and his mate was a white duck named Martha. Great shot and comments!

Hootin' Anni

What's really super is, Canadian Geese mate for life!!! That's why I'd never allow any of my kin to go goose hunting.

Here's My C C entry - hope you can come by for a visit if you find time.

lina@happy family

Great capture...
Love reading their conversation- so funny :)


lol I enjoyed the dialogue.They are everywhere i tell you!

Reader Wil

I like your story about the Canadian Goose George and his wife!


Molly, Tag & Maggie May,

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OREO (woof woof)


I laughed out loud at their conversation and the names really fit :)


Great photo! Funny commentary. Love the geese though.


Corny conversation aside, nice shot, Misty. 8v)

Canada Geese are a problem for owners of homes along the Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon.

But I do enjoy watching them go about their daily lives when I get the chance.


Some animals.. I won't name names.. think they possess super powers.


Fabulous - I love them even though I know they can be a dreadful pest to some. I like geese of all shapes and sizes and their calls are magic!

Maude Lynn

Great shot!


Yes, the Canada geese are pairing up... more babies. The problem around here is that they simply do not migrate. They are here year round and the numbers are growing. Every small pond has some. On a few occasions I have had to duck (no pun intended) while working in the back yard as they fly over either taking off or landing from a nearby golf course pond.


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Iowa Gardening Woman

Looks like Geo has love on his mind. Nice shot.

Carletta's Captures

In pursuit!
Always love your commentary Misty!


LOL! Great shot too.

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~

lol, it does make you think sometimes what do they say to each other.

Nice shot, and commentary!

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