Saturday, April 17, 2010

Camera-Critters #106

(c) Misty DawnS

Miss Maggie May doesn't swim. In fact, when she decides to wade in the water, she's very cautious. I know that she COULD swim, but she just chooses not to. Tag, on the other hand, LOVES to swim. When it comes to swimming, Molly could take it or leave it. When either of the other two are swimming (this generally involves Tag going to get a stick or toy that Daddy threw for him), Maggie May will stand on the shore and just stare at them like, "You guys are completely nuts!" It always makes me laugh.

Well, I was quite surprised the other day when I walked back to our pond with Molly and Maggie. I was looking around (had my camera) and all of a sudden, I heard a splash. I turned to see that Maggie had just decided to jump in the pond. No, she didn't go deep enough where she would actually have to swim, but she DID go in up to her neck, which was quite surprising.

It was so surprising that I wish I would have had a security camera set up to record the whole thing, because when I told Hubs about it, he was very doubtful. I asked, "You thinking I'm exaggerating?" He said, "No, I just know Maggie."


Judith @ Lavender Cottage

Just like a woman to change her mind about something she didn't care to do before - good for you Maggie.
I hope you never change the photo in your header - one of the highlights of my day every Saturday.


Maggie decided she wanted to cool off from her walk. Pretty dog and a nice photo.

Living In Williamsburg Virginia

Gorgeous dog and a great photo.

Darryl and Ruth : )


Well like most women they can change their minds whenever they want :) nice shot of a beatiful girl.

A Garden of Threads

She finially decided to test the water.Have a great day.

Maia T

You still have this photo with Maggie's wet coat as a proof. She is very cute and I can read on her face expression that she is waiting for a reward for being so brave. Some dogs are afraid of water, it may be the case here too.

i beati

This is whom I've been waiting for sandy


How could she resists the water? Great capture!

Americana Lady

I love to watch dogs in the water! Joan @Americana By Candlelight


Maggie has broken the code. I hope she has many more dips. Very cute photo :)


and there she is smiling about it LOL
you go Maggie Mae!

Maude Lynn

She must have been hot!


Looks like you have all the 'swimming' extremes covered with the furkids. 8v)

And, evidently, hubs doesn't know Maggie as well as he thinks.


Nice dog. She look very intelligent and active. :-)


You must have been so surprised! Pets never cease to amaze! ~ks

Johnny Nutcase

such a cute picture! and she looks very happy (and proud of herself maybe too?) . Super sweet!

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