Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Favor Please...

Hello my wonderful friends. I have a favor to ask. If you happen to be reading this post, and you happen to have a free couple minutes, would you mind popping over to Misty's Words, reading this post, and then commenting or voting on the poll on the sidebar? I will be forever grateful for your time, opinion, any advice you have to offer, and, always, your friendship!

You see, once again, I'm unable to make a decision about something. Well, actually, I DO make the decision, but then, a couple hours later or the next day, I think that maybe that was the wrong decision. So, I'm asking for your opinion. You don't have to comment specifically on the post - if you want to remain anonymous in your opinion, you can simply vote in the poll on the sidebar.

Once again - I really appreciate it!



Been there.. done that. Not sure if it helped any though.

Mom Knows Everything

Hey BBFF I tagged you with a meme, but it's a photo meme so it should be easy.

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