Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just Call Me Sony-Girl

I've made a decision... finally. Ummm... I think. Yes, I have a terrible time with decisions. I especially have a terrible time with making a decision about a purchase which will cost money... especially if it's going to cost what, in my opinion, is quite a bit of money.

It took me months and months to finally decide on the right camera for me. I read reviews, both from experts and also from customers. I put a lot of credit on the customer reviews, because I figure they are normal people, just like me (did I just claim to be normal?), and they have nothing to gain or lose by the review they provide.

So, now that it's time to purchase a new laptop, I'm back to the exhausting process... read reviews; think I've decided; read more reviews; change my mind; read more reviews; change my mind again... it's a looooong ongoing process with me. I may need some intervention.

Well, I think I have finally made a decision. Keep me away from more reviews or I'll be at this for months. Ironically, I've decided on a laptop by the same manufacturer as my camera. Looks like I'm gonna be a Sony-girl through and through.

My lawyer-boss told me that, with as much as I use my laptop, I should be a laptop tester and reviewer. That actually made a LOT of sense to me (much more sense than if he would have said I should test and review a fat burner). I use my laptop several hours every day. My first laptop had series heat emission problems and would leave burns on my legs. My current laptop has a bad keyboard and the keys continuously pop off the keyboard. Now, I'll be going to my third laptop. Maybe I really SHOULD do periodic reviews of it. Maybe it would help someone else who is struggling with a decision just like I have been. I think that might be a good idea. I'll keep ya posted.

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