Thursday, April 15, 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday *Where There's Smoke...*

Two weeks ago, on a Sunday, Hubs and I were watching television together.
I got up to go to the bathroom, and when I came back, Hubs was standing outside.
I went to the door, and he said "I saw a little puff of smoke over there."
By the time he finished saying that, I looked over, and there was a lot
more than just a 'puff' of smoke!
So, we jumped in the vehicle and drove towards the smoke,
which was now rolling thickly into the sky.

When we found the source of the smoke,
this is what we saw...
(c) Misty DawnS

My heart fell into my stomach. Did someone live there? Was there anyone inside? Is someone losing all their possessions, such as their camera, their family photos, their epson tm-t88iv, their clothes, their family heirlooms, and anything else they hold precious to them? OMG, I hope there was no one inside!

You see, disasters such as this are some of my biggest fears. I just panic when I think about starting my day as normal and then all of a sudden having everything as I know it stripped away from me, without my having any control over it. So, it was just natural for me to tear up and even feel guilty for taking photos.

However, Hubs did later find out that no one was inside, and no one was living in the house. I guess they were fixing it up (which breaks my heart too), but thankfully no one was injured.


Mary Lou

WE lost all we had in a fire once. We were in the military in Germany and the warehouse burned. It was a hard time. I always feel so anyone having a fire but like us, thank God they were safe.

Faith | Postcard Mailing

Even if it is just a house, it is still something that's lost. Though, you are correct, thank God there were no injured.


Thank goodness no one was inside! And no one was living in the house.

Dramatic photo you captured! Looks like an explosion.

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