Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today, I believe and trust NOTHING

Just to let y'all know, I'm not believing or trusting anything today. I'm sorry, I just can't.

You see...

On this day, one year ago, I begrudgingly woke up when the alarm went off (man it was extra hard to get up that morning), got ready for work, and on my way out the door, I commented to Hubs about how very dark it was. He said, "Oh, I can see the sun starting to come up over there."

I shrugged my shoulders and proceeded to start on my way to work. As I was driving, the guy on the radio said, "It's 5:35, and here's your weather." WAIT! What??? Back up... it's WHAT time??? It's 6:35, not FIVE 35.

So, I called Hubs. "Honey," (You see how sweet I am to HIM???) "What time is it?" He replied, "6:35, why?" I said, "Well, the guy on the radio just said it's FIVE 35." Hubs replied, "Ohhhh, he's just messed up, they do that a lot." So, I continue driving...

AND, the guy on the radio NOW says "It's 5:42, and here's the news." "HUUUUUUUUBS! He said it again!!!"

It was at this point, that my husband said "April Fools! Now you've got time to go grocery shopping before work!"

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO... now I've got time to turn this vehicle around, come back home, and do some SERIOUS bodily injury to my soon-to-be EX husband, who made me lose a precious hour of sleep!

So, yes, he got me good. The man even went out and changed the clock in my vehicle!!! I SHOULD have checked the clock on my cell phone, because you can't change time on cell phones, but it just never occured to me.

Now, you can certainly understand why today - I trust nothing and I believe nothing. I will resume normal life on April 2.



Bwaahahahahaha! Yep...he got ya good.


Happy Easter holidays!!!

Cute Story, Misty, and you can believe this story ... I posted your badge on my blog:

( Took me a while to figure out this badge pasting stuff ... still don't know how to make my own badge. LOL )


The Badge is there ... under the photo album. Just checking LOL


He is so lucky you decided to keep him!!

Corner Gardener Sue

Thanks for the laugh! I'm glad my husband doesn't know your husband. He may not be a good influence on him. He leaves for work before I do, though, so it would be harder for him to pull that off.

Happy Easter!

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