Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You Never Know

This past Friday, on my way home from work, I saw a very terrible accident scene. It was so bad that I was shaken up by it for quite awhile even after I got home. I thought for sure, from the looks of the accident, that there were injuries. When I told Hubs about it, he made some phone calls, and found out that his mom and aunt actually drove through the area immediately after the accident happened. Unbelievably, and thankfully, other than a bloody nose and some scrapes, no one was hurt. The people who were not at fault in the accident were high school kids on their way to prom.

Yesterday morning, there was an acccident involving a bicycle and a semi in the city where I work. Unfortunately, this accident resulted in death. These events have caused me to stop and relize that anything can happen... at any time. You don't know when. As they say, "Life Happens". Just because you are young, doesn't necessarily mean you've got decades ahead of you. I apologize if I sound morbid, that's not my intention. I'm just waking up and making myself accept reality.

My husband has life insurance, but I do not. I've been wondering if I need to research life insurance policies. I don't want him to struggle financially, in addition to emotionally, if something were to happen. Obviously I wouldn't qualify for Texas life insurance, but maybe I do need to see if there is an inexpensive policy I would qualify for... just for that peace of mind.



Luckily no one was badly injured.

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