Saturday, May 22, 2010

Camera-Critters #111

The following photo is one of my favorite photos I've captured in a very, very long time...

(c) Misty DawnS

I honestly didn't even know what I had captured until I was viewing my photos on the laptop. Even then, I must admit I scrolled past the photo, and then thought "Wait a minute..." and went back to it. Then, when I confirmed what I had thought I saw, I was quite pleased. I showed it to one of my best buds to see if he saw what I saw, and he immediately went crazy over the photo and started telling me how great it is. What it is... is LUCKY!

So, I ask you... should I title this photo...
Bobolink Brunch
I Bee Brunch
I Spy
or Do you have something else in mind?



It is a beautiful capture, Misty! I have never seen a Bobolink, hopefully someday!

Cheryl Kohan

What a great photo...that Bobolink is really focusing on that bee. A one in a million shot, I think.


Wow that is wonderful!

Living In Williamsburg Virginia

Great capture of the bird and the bee.

Darryl and Ruth : )


Bobolink.... I learned something new today. Great photo. He looks like he is solving the world's problems-- or at least reflecting on them!



It's a beautiful bird, with or without the bee!

Iowa Gardening Woman

Great pic! I think he looks very serious also, maybe he is thinking, Lunch?


uh-uh. snack time.

cats of wildcat woods

Congrats...that is a very good capture!

Hootin' Anni

Beautiful photo! Stunning.

Actually, the quizzical look on it's face makes me think "Inquiring Minds Wanna Know" for a caption/title.


Have a great weekend ahead.

Jenn Jilks

I can hear it:
'Hmmm, salt and pepper, or dipped in chocolate?'

Thank you for visiting My Muskoka !


Gorgeous picture, and love the colors in it. Just fantastic whatever the title might be :-)


Beautiful shot, Misty. He certainly has his eye on the bee. Lovely contrast and color. Well done!

Corner Gardener Sue

That is a great capture, Misty! I enlarged the photo to be able to see that was a bee. I love the pose of the bird.

I have some photos of a squirrel and a cat in our tree on my post this week.


What a beautiful bird! You captured it wonderfully.


A beautiful photo, Misty. He definitely has spied his brunch!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: What a neat bird/bee photo. I think you should call it "I See You".

Phil Slade

That's a real nice picture of Bobolink. We only see them over here in the autumn in drabber plumage when they get lost over the Atlantic and end up in the Scilly Isles usually.


Great photo. The bird is definitely tuned into to the bee. Brunch is about to happen.


Wow! This is a wonderful capture!

I think your first title is best! :)


Adrienne Zwart

I vote for "I Spy". That was the first thing I noticed about this bird--that he was eying a tasty snack. It's the same way our blue jays cock their heads when they are looking for mealworms on the deck railing. (The worms sometimes crawl away from the little platform feeder where I put them.)
Love everything about this photo, Misty! The bird is so striking!


I still LOVE this photo! But have no idea for a title. When I come up with anything, you'll be the second to know 8v)

Nikki - Notes of Life

A beautiful bird and a wonderful photo :)

i beati

beautiful sandy


I see it: lunch is flying by! Fabulous shot!


what a lovely capture....the bird seems in a deep thought

mine is up too

Van Sutherland

Whatever you call it, it's a great photo!


Wow! I'd say that bee is flying near danger.
Great shot!!


It IS a wonderful capture!! Good for you. I'm loving it! ~ks

Joahna Vern

Amazing shot! ...just dropping by..i'm practically new with this thing so i'm kinda blog hopping. And pretty site you got here!..i'll follow you..Have a great day!

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