Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fun & Comfy OR Sexy & Silky

Wow! It has been a busy and hectic week! On Monday, I had a very intense meeting at the end of the day, which left me worn out for my drive home. Speaking of my drive home, I was almost home when I had to turn around, because they closed the road to repair a bridge. Gee, thanks for the advanced warning! So, now I drive an hour to get to work, work for over eight hours, and then drive an hour home. Except, Tuesday, I had to go grocery shopping after work, and Wednesday I had to go to the dentist after work. By the time I was making the long hour drive home yesterday, all I wanted was to get home, put on some women's pajamas, and get comfy to watch the American Idol finale.

Speaking of womens pajamas... I'm thinking I need some very cute and comfy jammies with dragonflies on them!!! Or, a nightshirt or nightgown with dragonflies would be pretty too. Ohhhhh Border Collies all over would be appropriate for me too, don't ya think?

There's this really cute nightshirt at the women's pajamas (.com) website which has puppy dog prints on it. Obviously, you can buy women's pajamas on the previously mentioned website, and they also have some humorous nightgowns with snarky comments on them, which made me laugh. You know me and how I have so much trouble making decisions... I'll probably need to get several since I won't be able to choose. Hubs would probably appreciate if I got something cute and silky... nah, we'll stick with fun and comfy. ;-)


Jesseca | Poster Prints

Love those fun and comfy women pajamas.. I prefer wearing those at night than the silky and sexy ones.

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