Friday, May 7, 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday *Buzzin' Off*

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It's Friday, and I'm absolutely exhausted. I was already exhausted BEFORE it thunderstormed all night long last night. *sigh* Not only did the thunder keep me awake, but that cute little Maggie May, who is the model for the blog header... well, she gets really ticked off at thunder. She doesn't get scared and cower like other dogs do. She gets ticked! She growls, and barks, and jumps in the air, and really gives that thunder a piece of her mind. Unfortunately, the thunder doesn't care how Maggie feels about it.

Now, I'm thinking that we probably aren't going to get much out of our garden, because we've had several days of storms and downpours since we planted. Our basement is flooded to the point I have to put my boots on to go down there. And, the temperature has dropped. Oh well, if there's sunshine this weekend, low temperatures won't keep me from walking; I've got sweatshirts. Just wish these storms would 'buzz off' like the critter in the photo above.

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Kerri Farley

Pretty shot! I hope the weather clears up for you soon!

Mendel Potok

Very cute photo, and that meme was a lot of fun. Do you have any more pictures of that cute puppy?

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