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Repost - Anniversary of May 2009 Missouri Tornado

Today is the anniversary of last year's tornado. It's an anniversary of something I would rather not have experienced in the first place. However, on this day, I must also look back and be thankful... It also makes me think I have a purpose for still being here... I just hope I fulfill that purpose.

By the way, it, appropriately, has been thunderstorming for four days, and last night was terrible... flood warnings, severe storm warnings, and, of course, tornado warnings.

Below is a re-post of the post I typed, while still shaking, after finally getting home that night one year ago... (On my drive to and from work each day, even a year later, the damage and destruction is still visible)

They Say It Was an F-4; I Say It Was...Something I'll never... ever forget

(c) Misty DawnS

I was on my way home from work, and there were tornado 'watches'. I then heard about a tornado touching down in a town near my home. I called home, and Hubs said that he and our house were fine. He also said that I shouldn't have trouble driving, but since I tend to worry, I might want to turn around and go back to the little country store I had just passed.

(c) Misty DawnS - YES, that's my vehicle!!!

So, I turned around (right near the water tower) and went back to the store. I sat there for a little bit and it got really dark, so I decided to go into the store. Once inside, I kept calling Hubs, and he would relay the internet radar images to me. Then the store manager's son (also a volunteer firefighter) pulled in and said "It's on the ground right THERE" and pointed.

(c) Misty DawnS

We ran back inside and went to a back office with no windows. We all huddled on the floor. We heard the hail and the rain, and then we heard the "train" (I always wondered if it really sounds like that - well, trust me, it does). The walls shook and there was a deafening, booming explosion sound, and I thought the building was going to explode. A couple had come in right before it hit, and the guy had his arms around the girl and me, kind of sheltering us (I never even got a chance to tell him thank you). We all just kept repeating to each other "It's OK. We're going to be OK. It's alright. We're going to be fine." And then, it was gone, and it was just raining.

(c) Misty DawnS

I stood up on wobbly legs and called Hubs. I said "It hit us, but I'm OK." He must have thought I was just exaggerating. I walked to the door of the store and said "The Durango's windows are gone." and Hubs asked "WHAT???" I replied, "You thought I was exaggerating when I said it hit us, didn't you." He said "Yeah."

I stood outside watching emergency vehicles fly by, helicopters fly in and out, and law enforcement stopping traffic due to the telephone and power poles/wires laying in the road.

(c) Misty DawnS

Hubs was trying to come pick me up and take me home, but he had a heck of a time getting to me, because the road was closed (you can see why).

A Chevrolet car dealership in Kirksville was completely demolished, along with several houses. The damage is unbelievable and indescribable.

(c) Misty DawnS

On another note, the tornado that touched down in in the town near home killed the wife of a man I know. My heart breaks for him.

I was told that once the tornado which hit us touched down by us, it was a half mile wide.
I'm just thankful (and still shaking).

(c) Misty DawnS



I know so many people who "just want to see" a tornado; thing is, if they ever do, they certainly don't want to see another one! I'm glad you made it through it okay. And, I bet its hard to believe its been a year!

Jen at Cabin Fever

OMG... that is incredible! I am glad you are ok. Those are amazing photos and I really hope you never have to experience that again. Mother nature is always so humbling.


Oh, my word! Wow ~ I am one of those crazy folks who thinks crazy weather is exciting to see ~ but not that close! I must say my blood pressure is up just reading your blog!! I hope you never have to go through that again!!


Oh my gosh...I remember that. I was so worried about you! We had tornadoes this morning...I love Spring but some days it's not worth it!


You have to live in the area at least to understand your feelings. Here where we live, there was the Xenia tornado, one of the worse ever. Killed a lot of people. Not far from here.

We have them almost every year but they usually touch down somewhere else or have in the past.

I am happy you made it safely.


I was not home in Missouri when this one happened but I heard many stories from family and friends. I am so glad you made it through Misty.

Even with all the storms and wacky weather...I really miss Missouri. I was born and raised in Iron County and lived in Missouri for the first 37 years of my will always be home :)


Amazing story and amazing photos. Wow. I'd still be shaking.


Misty I can’t begin to realize the fear that you must have felt a year ago. You did the right thing by getting out of your car and going into the country store!
I kept gasping at your photos;
I know they are real however,
it’s hard to comprehend.

Thanks for your comment on my Fibromyalgia post; I appreciate it! There are 2 others that commented that also have fibro. Coy and I had talked earlier about adding the NFA logo on my post and then forgot. I had added a small one to my e-mail signature.

I am sorry to hear that you are a fellow sufferer of this strange illness. I understand how frustrating it can be to tell others; just because we don’t look sick, doesn’t mean we aren’t.


What a story! I think I would be so nervous every time bad weather struck. Glad you lived to tell the tale.


What a horrendous thing to go through. I'm SOOOOOO glad you were ok!


I can almost identify with you on this post. Although like an idiot, I was on my front porch a week ago, on May 10 Monday, taking pics of a tornado that passed just a mile to our south, right on the OK/KS line. Several of my images were blurry, due to the fact that I was freaking out and shaking!! We drove the mile south afterwards and found where the tornado had touched down. Luckily no one we knew was hurt. But there were multiple tornados all over the place that evening. I've only been here in KS not quite 2 years, and that was my most eventful storm system yet.

It is truly frightening, yet awe-inspiring at the same time. I am so glad that you rode out your storm safely!!!

Country Girl

This is an amazing story. I am wondering if anything like this has ever happened to you before? My gosh, girl. I would still be shaking too.

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