Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ruby Tuesday *Lady in Red*

(c) Misty DawnS

When I saw this flower, I thought, "Well, that tulip sure looks strange." Of course, that prompted me to photograph it. Later when viewing the photos on my computer, I kept going back to this image. Just something about it kept grabbing my attention... or, 'tickled my fancy', as they say. So, I did a little bit of post-processing... that would be because I know about as much about post-processing as I do about side effects of diet pills... a.k.a not much. However, I managed to darken the background to cause the tulip to stand out more in the image. I think this tulip seems like it was destined to be the center of attraction.



Great shot for Ruby Tuesday!


It's beautiful.

Maria @ LSS

How lovely! Great shot.


It's absolutely gorgeous!

Happy RT.

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well done Misty!
the texture and color are amazing
the flower appears to be pointing :)

Cacai M.

Great job! It's beautifully taken and artsy! I love it tulips that much. Have a great Ruby Tuesday!

Here's My Ruby Tuesday: Red Bougainvillea Flowers and Etc ... see yah.. ;-)


What beautiful, bright flower!

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