Wednesday, June 30, 2010

True Colours Thursday *Tangerine*

This week, the theme for the True Colours Thursday meme is "Tangerine". I thought the below photo of a sunset fit into the 'tangerine' theme, since there is the color tangerine in the sky.

(c) Misty DawnS
** Click on the photo to view it larger **

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been posting nearly as many sunset photos as I used to. When I first moved here, and first started blogging, I had hundreds of sunset photos. It seemed that every evening produced yet another gorgeous sunset. The past couple years though, we just haven't had the sunset like we did that first year. Maybe it's because it has been such a rainy/stormy summer and the skies are continually overcast. I'm not sure, but the sunsets just haven't been the same. Hopefully Mother Nature is reading this and will get aggravated with me and just decide to prove me wrong. hehe

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ABC Wednesday *X is for X-Wing Dragon Fighter*

We are on the letter "X" this week for ABC Wednesday. At first, I freaked out a little bit and thought, "WHAT in the WORLD am I gonna post for 'X'???" However, it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. In fact, it didn't take very long at all for me to find the right photo for ABC Wednesday this week! So, I present to you...

"X" is for X-Wing Dragon Fighter
(c) Misty DawnS
** Click on the photo to view it larger **

This dragonfly was flying around at my pond while I was fishing. It kept flying at me head-on. So, I figured it was trying to get my attention, and I, of course, photographed it. It's a true challenge to try to photograph dragonflies in air! I put my camera on sport mode and did the best I could.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Ruby Tuesday *More Flowers*

(c) Misty DawnS
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Macro & Mellow Yellow Monday *Eastern Amberwing*


Maybe I should make a badge for "Dragonfly Monday" since it seems I keep posting dragonflies on Monday for Macro Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday. hehe That's an idea though... hmmmm... Dragonfly Monday, Butterfly Tuesday, Bee Wednesday... LOL I think I'm too obsessed with bugs. Oh well, I guess I could have worse obsessions!

This is a male Eastern Amberwing dragonfly. Amberwings are smaller than most other dragonflies. In fact, the first time I ever photographed some, I thought they were baby dragonflies. The Amberwings are really pretty, especially when the sunlight hits their wings, because the wings shine a beautiful amber color, which, I'm sure, is how they got their name.

(c) Misty DawnS

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Today's Flowers *Tiger Lily Bokeh*

Tiger Lily Bokeh
**Highly recommended that you click on the photo
to view it larger**
(c) Misty DawnS

PhotoHunt *Purple*


I'm late, but there was no way I could miss posting for PhotoHunt this week! It's my birthday today, and, ironically, the theme for PhotoHunt today is PURPLE! Purple is my favorite color, which most of you know and are probably extremely tired of hearing about. PURPLE! PURPLE! PURPLE! I LOVE PURPLE! Wait... don't leave... I'm sorry. I just get so excited about purple, ya know. O.K. I'll stop. How 'bout I just show you a beautiful picture instead of rambling? O.K. Just for you...

(c) Misty DawnS

Friday, June 25, 2010

Camera-Critters #116

It's my birthday (Saturday), and I'm headed to a yard sale that a bunch of my co-workers, some of my favorite people in the world, are having. So, I'm posting my Camera-Critters early. After the yard sale, I plan on going to get a new cell phone, because we're on the 2-year free upgrade plan. Happy birthday to me, I'm getting myself a free phone! hehe I'd LOVE to tell you I'm getting an iPhone and will need some iphone insurance, but that's not going to happen anytime in the near future. So, let me tell you another story.

Hub's computer desk is in front of a window, which faces the road. While looking out that window, he's called me to go photograph raccoons, pheasants, fox, deer, and other things. So, it is now habit for me to immediately jump up and grab my camera and run for the door when he's sitting there and all of a sudden whispers "HONEY!"

That's what happened the other evening, but I must admit that when I got to the door, I was quite surprised at what I saw. I can honestly say I've never seen this before...

Hurry UP Kids! We're LATE!
(c) Misty DawnS

Junior, keep up with us now. You're always lagging behind!
(c) Misty DawnS

What's the stinkin' hurry Mom?
Don't talk back, Junior, or I'll redden that white stripe of yours!
Moooooom! Make Fred lower his tail. Can't hardly see straight back here!
(c) Misty DawnS

Looking at the Sky on Friday *Face In The Clouds*

I took this photo several weeks ago, and didn't really take the time to actually 'look' at it. This morning, I decided to get a post ready for Looking at the Sky on Friday, and I opened this photo. I then did a double-take. "There's a face in those clouds!" I thought to myself. So, I e-mailed the photo to two of my best friends and asked, "Am I crazy, or is there a face in those clouds?" One of my friends (Tam) replied that it reminded her of the Christmas cartoon "The Year Without A Santa Claus", because it looked like the Snow Miser blowing.

I remember when I took the photo, I liked how the sun outlined the cloud. So, I, of course, photographed it. Now, I feel like I captured something more.

Do YOU see the face in the clouds???
(c) Misty DawnS

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Money Saving Advice

Recently, I discovered a website which is all about helping you save money. Seriously. Who doesn't want to save money??? Especially with the way the economy is right now, I'm always looking for new ways and ideas to save money. So, I definitely took some time to check out this website. This website is unique, because it offers you sound advice to help you gain the knowledge and power to keep some of that money in your checking account! Having financial peace of mind is something everyone wants. I honestly don't want to be rich, but it sure would be nice to not have to stress about if the money to pay the bills will be there.

At, you learn how to save money on everything from groceries to entertainment to long distance movers. I certainly could have used something like this when we were make a 750-mile move. Rather than searching for San Diego moving companies, I could have searched for "The Middle of Nowhere moving companies". hahaha Hey, that's an idea. I could start a business moving people to the Middle of Nowhere! Just kidding. If too many people moved out here to my Middle of Nowhere paradise, then all my critters would go find somewhere else to live. Hey, ya can't mess with nature!

Seriously though, whether you are looking for online coupons, ways to save money on clothes, or movers in San Francisco, you might want to check out the website of You can learn a lot and enjoy saving money!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ABC Wednesday *W if for Watching from the Water*

This week, for ABC Wednesday, we are on the letter "W". I'm sure glad I started regularly participating in this meme, because it challenges me to think creatively. I thought about posting a Widow Skimmer dragonfly, but I've posted several of those dragonflies lately. So, I wanted to come up with something different.

Then, I found the photo I wanted to use. It's not a great photo, but I still think it's a neat capture.

So I present to you...

"W" is for Watching from the Water
(c) Misty DawnS
** Click on the photo to view it larger **

As this big ol' snapper slowly made his way across my pond, our eyes met. I was surprised, because I thought for sure that would make him go under the water, but he continued to lock gazes with me and drift across the pond.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Ruby Tuesday *Delicate & Frilly*

This flower isn't exactly red, but it's not completely pink either, in my opinion. It's kind of a red-ish pink... that's what I call it. Regardless or red or pink or red-ish pink or pink-ish red, I think it's beautiful! So, I chose to share it with you for Ruby Tuesday.

(c) Misty DawnS

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Macro & Mellow Yellow Monday *Smile For Your Close-Up*


Ya know... if I keep running into these female Widow Skimmer dragonflies, who are so generous and willing to pose for my camera, I'll continue to be able to use one photo for both Monday memes. LOL You can, of course, see why this photo is appropriate for Macro Monday, and the yellow stripe on the back of these odonata also make photos of them appropriate for Mellow Yellow Monday. I love when things work out like that. ;-)

(c) Misty DawnS

**Click on the photo to view it larger.**

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SOOC Sunday *Mr. Bunny Rabbit*

(c) Misty DawnS

Mr. Bunny Rabbit
sat in the grass
Thinking of times
long ago passed.

Mrs. Bunny Rabbit
had just up and gone.
Just like in one
of those country songs.

She didn't say why,
not even a note.
Her footprints in the dust,
were all she wrote.

So he was left
wondering what to do then
to possibly look after
their 64 children!

(c) Misty DawnS

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THE Kitchen

I wish you could see it! Well, I guess, since I refer to myself as a photographer, you could see if if I provide you with pictures. Anyway, our new kitchen (in the addition) is really looking like and being used as a kitchen now!!! We've got the cabinets, stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher in there. We just don't have counter tops or a sink yet.

We certainly can't afford counter tops. So, we just have plywood there for now, because we're going to have to save towards counter tops. However, I've been looking at Mr. Direct stainless steel sinks, and based on their low prices, I've realized that we can afford to get a sink now. They even have same day shipping, which means I could have a working sink in the almost-done kitchen in no time!

O.K., I had to interrupt this post, get up, grab the camera, and take a photo of the kitchen for you. I absolutely love it, and I'm so proud of all the work Hubs has done!

(c) Misty DawnS

My sink is going to be under the window, and my bird feeders are going to be moved to outside that window. Are you as excited as I am? O.K., probably not, but I'm sure you're excited for me. ;-)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today's Flowers *Pretty in Pink*

(c) Misty DawnS

This is another of the photos I took when my work office-partner and I HAD to get away from the constant pounding, banging, drilling, and just plain non-stop noise of the construction going on below our office. So, we decided to take one of our 15 minute breaks together. I grabbed my camera (yes, the camera goes to work with me and sits next to me while I'm at my desk), and we headed out to a little garden area outside the University. I ran around snapping photos, while my co-worker enjoyed the sunshine and the peace and quiet. Let me tell ya, it was hard to force ourselves to go back inside!

Camera-Critters #115

I was getting ready to go for a walk, and I mentioned to Hubs that I would need to plug my camera battery in to charge when I got back. So, I figured I'd go get the charger and have it ready for when I returned home. However, I couldn't find the charger. I continued looking for it, and Hubs finally said, "You better get going on your walk!"

I replied, "I'm going. I'm going. It's not like it's gonna be dark any time soon!"

He said, "Yeah but you can find your charger later," Then he looked out the window and exclaimed, "Besides! There's a fox running through our yard to come find you!"

I replied "Yeah right!" and came up behind him and looked out the window to see a fox run through our yard and stand under the window by where I sit in the evenings! It WAS like he was looking for me!

Hubs knows me all too well and was already standing by the front door with his hand on the knob, as I was throwing my camera strap over my neck. By the time I turned around, he whipped the door open, I whispered, "Thanks!" as I sprinted out the door following the fox, who had heard us and proceeded to go on the walk without me...

Sometimes, ya just gotta kick up your heels... errrr paws!
(c) Misty DawnS

I'm high-steppin' it outta here!
(c) Misty DawnS

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday *Seeing Double*

So, here I was working on this week's Looking at the Sky on Friday photo for my post. I cropped it, adjusted the brightness (because it was pretty dark), etc. And, then, I got to looking at it, and I thought to myself, "What is that?" I looked closer, and sure enough, there was another dragonfly insisting on being in my Looking at the Sky photo again! Two week's in a row! They're little camera hogs, I tell ya! It's hard to see, and you definitely won't see it unless you view the photo large and look really hard, but I noticed it. It's a thing with me - I notice bugs, but you already knew that about me. So, I sent it to my buddy to see if he saw it, and he replied "Which one? I see two." When I looked closer, there was another dragonfly sitting on a piece of grass below the initial dragonfly I noticed. I think someone is trying to tell me something. Maybe I'm supposed to be a dragonfly photographer... maybe I'm supposed to look up the spiritual meaning of dragonflies... or maybe I spend too much time photographing my pond. Who knows!

(c) Misty DawnS

At work, we always tease my office partner for being obsessed with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and garage sales. They're going to start talking about me and my dragonflies next! They already talk about my obsession with nature, animals, and bugs. I guess these dragonflies are just out to prove everyone right!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

True Colours Thursday *Purple*

You can NOT imagine how excited I was when I saw that this week's color is PURPLE! PURPLE, people!!!!!!!!!! It's PURPLE! Do you have ANY idea how much I LOVE purple? Let me tell ya, I love purple. I mean I LOVE purple. It's like a passion. Yep, a purple passion. I have a purple passion... a passion for purple. Ohhhhhhhhh I love purple. I wanted my new bedroom to be painted purple, but Hubs just gave me 'that look'. So, I'm settling for purple accessories... purple bedsheets (if and when I can ever afford them), purple photos (got those), purple in my wallpaper border. Oh yes, I WILL have purple in my new bedroom... one way or another!

I present to you... PURPLE!
(c) Misty DawnS

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ABC Wednesday *V is for Variegated Meadowhawk*

This week, we are on the letter "V" with the ABC Wednesday meme. I had to think long and hard about this letter, and I finally came up with something! Whew! I'd hate to not post something when I FINALLY started participating regularly in this meme! So, luckily, I came up with something, and I'm happy to present to you...

"V" is for Variegated Meadowhawk
(c) Misty DawnS

It may not be a fantastic photo, but it was exciting for me. This is because, not only had I never seen this dragonfly before, a sighting of it had never been recorded in my county prior to this. So, I was able to submit a "first sighting" recording (and photos) to a website. For me, it was exciting.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ruby Tuesday *The Release I Needed*

(c) Misty DawnS

They are doing construction at the university. The construction is in the rooms directly under my office. It is CONSTANT noise all day long... banging, drilling, cutting... constant noise. So, my office-partner and I decided we had to get out of there for a little bit, because we couldn't even concentrate (not to mention I now had a pounding headache). So, I grabbed my camera and we went outside for me to take photos of the flowers in a little garden area outside the university. This is one of the photos. Getting outside and taking the photos helped ease my headache for a little while. At least I was able to make it through the rest of the day.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Macro & Mellow Yellow Monday *Handicap Inspiration*


Once again, I've got a photo which fits both Monday memes that I love!

When I look at the below photo, I think...

"Just because you have a handicap, doesn't mean it has to be one."
(c) Misty DawnS

This dragonfly was having no visible trouble getting around with a missing wing. I watched it with admiration. Some may say this isn't a good photo, because the bug is 'injured'; Some may call this "damaged goods"; I call it "inspirational".

AMAZING Organic Insect Killer Review

The above products by EcoSMART = My new favorite products!!!

Several months ago, I was contacted by a very nice guy named Josh. He explained that he was interested in my doing a review of some products by EcoSMART, who makes, organic insect killer, organic home pest control, and many more products. ALL of these products being child and pet safe!

I replied to Josh and said I'd love to do a review of his products, but I had to warn him. I told him that we have a SERIOUS tick problem where I live, and I really had doubts about ANY product being able to keep the ticks away with how infested we are here.

When Tick Season (yes, that's a proper noun here) arrived, I e-mailed Josh and asked him to send me the stuff he'd like me to review. I, once again, felt I needed to warn him. I explained that I am always completely honest in my reviews, and I strongly feared that any insect repellent, especially a SAFE organic one, would not work where I live. I said that if by some miracle, this product worked, I'd be singing EcoSMART's praises to the entire world for a long time coming. Josh replied that he was "highly confident" I'd be singing EcoSMART's praises.

I recall kind of snickering and telling Hubs that this guy had no idea what we deal with out here when it comes to ticks. Do any of you remember last year when I had to quit going on my walks through the field after pulling 34 ticks off me during one walk? Just sayin'.

Well, people LISTEN TO ME!!! The joke was on me! I now want the whole world to read me admit that I was WRONG! EcoSMART's organic insect repellent is my new favorite product EVER! Seriously! It's THAT good!

Did you just read that at this time last year, I couldn't walk because I'd get literally covered in ticks with each step??? Well, this year, is different.

When my box containing my free EcoSMART's Safe Picnic Value Bundle (which includes Home Pest Control, Flying Insect Killer, and Insect Repellent) arrived, I put my jeans on, tucked them in my socks, sprayed myself with the Insect Repellent, took a very deep breath, and headed out into "Tick Land" (yes, that's a proper noun too). NOT.A.SINGLE.TICK!!! I repeat... I did NOT get a single tick on me!!!

O.K., so you're thinking that was just one walk. Nope - People, I don't even hesitate to go crawling through weeds, laying in the grass, or playing in the woods now! I just spray with my new MIRACLE product and don't give it a second thought. Did I mention that this is completely organic and safe?!?! Amazing!

There have been times when I've been in weeds/grasses up to my armpits and I've thought, "There has got to be at least one tick on me." I look down and NOTHING!

How do I know that it's the product that deserves credit??? Because when I don't use it, I get ticks on me! Plain and simple! Same with Hubs. He's started spraying himself before going to work on fence, and he loves the stuff too. If he forgets to spray, I have to pull the ticks off him, which leave really nasty welts on him. It keeps other insects away too... no mosquitoes or gnats either!

EcoSMART has a full product line of organic pest control products. They also have natural ant killer. As a matter of fact, one of my friends was just asking me how to get rid of ants without spraying stuff that would hurt her many pets. You can bet I immediately volunteered EcoSMART's website!

I am ALWAYS honest in my reviews. You people are my friends. As your friend, I feel obligated to tell you how fantastic these products are!

This isn't the last you will hear from me about EcoSMART. Not only am I lucky enough that I will be having A GIVEAWAY of EcoSMART products, but I'll also be telling anyone who will listen about how great their products are for a very long time to come!

Oh, and I'll be purchasing more organic insect repellent... IN BULK! I never, ever want to be without it!!!!!!!!

Today's Flowers *The Daisy & The Fly*

(c) Misty DawnS
** Click on the photo to view it larger **

It has rained and stormed almost the entire weekend. In fact, yesterday, I got 67 photos worked on, re-sized, and uploaded to the Recent Additions folder of my Zenfolio website! Yeah, very productive, but I must admit I would have rather been out taking more photos. It just seems like it is never, ever going to stop raining! I did, finally, get outside for a little bit yesterday evening, and that's when I snapped this photo. The Daisies are plentiful around the pond right now, and I liked this little fly. It was unique, because it had stripes on it. So, of course, I photographed it.

I think I'm going to do some employment screening to hire some ANTI-rain dancers! We're gonna float away!

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

PhotoHunt *Bubbles*


This week's theme for Saturday PhotoHunt is "Bubbles".

Junior, pay attention. You're slobbering.
*sigh* Kids!
(c) Misty DawnS
** Click on the photo to view it larger **

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Hmmmm, now I've got to go figure out what the heck I'm going to do for next week's PhotoHunt. The theme is "Six"... that one's gonna take some thinking...

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