Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ABC Wednesday *U is for Under Water*

YAY!!! I remembered to join ABC Wednesday this week! Two weeks in a row that I remembered - I'm so proud of myself. haha This is a fun and challenging meme, and I'm sorry that I kept forgetting to join!

The letter for this week is "U". This was a tough one, but I finally came up with a photo that I think fits.

So... I present to you...

"U" is for "Under Water"
(c) Misty DawnS

O.K. So, it may not be completely under water, but most of it was. This frog made me laugh out loud when I saw it lounging there in the water. I was just like it was saying to me, "What? It's hot, Woman. Don't you realize that?"


brenda w

nice pic....ribbit.

Sylvia K

How fun! And Brenda beat me to it -- ribbit!! Hope you have a great week!



Love your caption to the pose...made me smile.
Glad you have made it 2 weeks in a row. Keep it coming.

Roger Owen Green

Keep coming, even for X and Z!

ROG, ABC Wednesday


Wow, what a shot! Love it!


I don't mind frogs when they are in the water. It's when I find them in my cats' mouths that I get grossed out! (and they screech as well: like nails on a blackboard)


He blends in with the water so well. Lovely shot.

Oakland Daily Photo

His legs are in a U shape, too.


Misty, I love this!

I have a thing for frogs, but I'm pretty sure I'd love it even if I didn't.


He does look very relaxed. Our frogs don't - they have to watch out for herons and crows and magpies!

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis



Hi little froggie :)

Bradley Hsi

Nice shot, frog in a cold water!!

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