Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Made My Co-Worker Cry

Yes, I made my co-worker cry... at work. At least I made her cry in our office, rather than out in the main office area in front of everyone. The fact remains though, that I made her cry. She even went running home and told her husband on me. I don't think he cried, but he could understand why she did. No, I didn't cut and ruin her spa cover, although that would probably make her cry too... if she had a spa. If she had a spa, I'd be trying to get invited to her house. Oh wait. I think I got off topic there. O.K. Here's the story...

We share an office together. So, when one of us is on the phone, the other can't help but hear the conversation. She was on the phone with her husband, who drives truck and just bought his own truck, so he could go into business on his own. He's been working on this truck and getting parts for it to fix it up just the way he needs it. He was asking my co-worker (his wife - are you paying attention?) on the phone, if she would e-mail someone and ask some questions. My co-worker's one-sided conversation that I heard, went like this...

"O.K. I'll e-mail him."

"What do you want me to ask?"

"Hitches? What hitches?"

"O.K. So, you want me to ask about that hitch."

"Oh, you want me to ask about both hitches."

"You need both hitches?"

"O.K. So, you need a ball hitch and a ring hitch."

At this point, without even thinking, I stuck my head around my computer monitor and calmly said, "Tell him that his balls got hitched as soon as he put the ring on your finger."

That was it. That's when she threw her head back and started crying. She was even gasping for air during this whole crying episode. Watching her cry made me cry. O.K. fine, I'll admit it, I'm not some tough, mean girl who made her co-worker cry. I made her cry from laughing so hard. Then I cried from laughing so hard at her laughing so hard.

And, at that point, I realized that THIS is why I come to work each day. THIS is why I accept and deal with the stress. My relationships with my co-workers are some of the best relationships I've ever had. They are more than co-workers; They are my friends, and I'd never make it through a week here without them!



AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You are such a HOOT and that's (one reason) why I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen at Cabin Fever

Haha. Way to be quick with a comeback in that situation!

Cheryl Kohan

Perfect...just perfect!

Mary Lou

I knew there was going to be a catch to that in the end. Or should I say hitch?
Good going.


Ha, ha. I'm glad the crying was from laughing! I was chuckling, too.


Wow, you are so hot. :)

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