Friday, June 25, 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday *Face In The Clouds*

I took this photo several weeks ago, and didn't really take the time to actually 'look' at it. This morning, I decided to get a post ready for Looking at the Sky on Friday, and I opened this photo. I then did a double-take. "There's a face in those clouds!" I thought to myself. So, I e-mailed the photo to two of my best friends and asked, "Am I crazy, or is there a face in those clouds?" One of my friends (Tam) replied that it reminded her of the Christmas cartoon "The Year Without A Santa Claus", because it looked like the Snow Miser blowing.

I remember when I took the photo, I liked how the sun outlined the cloud. So, I, of course, photographed it. Now, I feel like I captured something more.

Do YOU see the face in the clouds???
(c) Misty DawnS

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Definitely Snow Miser!

Jen at Cabin Fever

It kind of looks like The Old Man on the Mountain to me!

Love that photo. Was there anything beyond the trees? I would have ran to the treeline to get just the clouds before the picture changed.


Nice shot. You even got an eyebrow ridge on the forehead...hehehe.


That is some nose!

I like the lighting and trees in this, too.


That's a great face, and he's the man in the sky is blowing out a breath of mist! Wonderful capture.


Bea.u.ti.ful! Yep, I can see the face...very, very cool shot.


What an amazing shot!

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