Thursday, June 10, 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday *I've Got Issues*

Sometimes, I think I have serious, serious issues. Seriously. I'm being serious here. Y'all have always thought I was 'buggy'. Go ahead and admit it, I've accepted it. Y'all have also accepted that I have issues, but you still love me. You do, right? Right? Hello? Are you there?

Anyway, I'm sure I bore many of you to tears with my excessive bug photos during the spring and summer seasons. However, that's just who I am, and if you didn't like me, you wouldn't come to my blog to look, right? Right? Hello?

Anyway, apparently, I've got serious issues. What? Did I already mention that?

Anyway, apparently, even when I'm not purposely taking a photo of one of my precious bugs, they are still drawn to my photo composition... even when I don't know they are there. Seriously. I'm being serious here.

Just click on the below photo, to make it larger, and look towards the center of the photo. Go ahead, I'll wait. I'll contemplate my issues while I wait. All the things that are weird about me, I'll contemplate... Ohhhhhhhhhh you're back! Do you see it??? Yeah, a typical Misty Dawn photo, when she didn't even plan it. I've got SERIOUS issues, I tell ya.

(c) Misty DawnS



I';m sorry, I didn't see any obvious bugs in the picture. Maybe that's just me...

Happy Sky Friday

Candice Michele

That's awsome...

EG CameraGirl

Hehehe. Is that a dragonfly?


There should be some ominous bug following you kind of music playing in the background. Haha.

Beautiful landscape, irregardless of the BUG!


Nice dragonfly photo...oh...wait, there's a landscape in the image. It's nice also 8v)

Magical Mystical Teacher

Blue dragonfly pond—
fish lurking, waiting to snatch
a tasty morsel.

Two Skies:
Sky Askew
Wildflower Sky

Mary Lou

I see him...I have the same issue. My hubby says I love photos of flowers with bugs on them but it's just that they are always there, crawling around all creepy.
Maybe you have to know one to see one!


I see it. I also see the beautiful sky/landscape. I wanted to address what you said though. Yes, yes, yes. :P

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