Sunday, June 27, 2010

Macro & Mellow Yellow Monday *Eastern Amberwing*


Maybe I should make a badge for "Dragonfly Monday" since it seems I keep posting dragonflies on Monday for Macro Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday. hehe That's an idea though... hmmmm... Dragonfly Monday, Butterfly Tuesday, Bee Wednesday... LOL I think I'm too obsessed with bugs. Oh well, I guess I could have worse obsessions!

This is a male Eastern Amberwing dragonfly. Amberwings are smaller than most other dragonflies. In fact, the first time I ever photographed some, I thought they were baby dragonflies. The Amberwings are really pretty, especially when the sunlight hits their wings, because the wings shine a beautiful amber color, which, I'm sure, is how they got their name.

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Totally stunning!

This is my very first week on this meme so I am looking forward to coming weeks! Great to see you here, always nice to know somebody! Dx


Great capture. A beautiful shot.

Kim, USA

That is beautiful shot!!


MYM~Yellow Dahlia


I just love these little alien critters. I'm just never where I can see them. :)
Beautiful shot Misty!


What an excellent shot this is! Such a cute little creature when you see it like this...Happy MYM!


Fantastic shot, very beautiful! Love dragonflies :)


The detail of this little creature is fabulous. Great shot.


You sure have been finding the dragons! I love this one too!!


Stunning capture! The light is just perfect.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: Great colors on this dragonfly.


Wow, I'm impressed, you even know the name of your dragonfly! I got a few shots of dragonflies tonight, they were flitting all about our front porch. I'll post some next week, but unless I do some research, I'm afraid I don't know what kind they are! I do know we have lots around here.

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