Sunday, June 13, 2010

Macro & Mellow Yellow Monday *Handicap Inspiration*


Once again, I've got a photo which fits both Monday memes that I love!

When I look at the below photo, I think...

"Just because you have a handicap, doesn't mean it has to be one."
(c) Misty DawnS

This dragonfly was having no visible trouble getting around with a missing wing. I watched it with admiration. Some may say this isn't a good photo, because the bug is 'injured'; Some may call this "damaged goods"; I call it "inspirational".


Jen at Cabin Fever

To be honest I almost didn't notice it was missing a wing! I saw the photo first and then read the quote and was like "ooohh"

ha... duh


I think it's a wonderful shot and would fit perfectly on an inspirational poster!

christina, sweden

wonderful and close, the wings texture look like thin lace. Inspiration, yes, if you want to do something you can do it. Only the sky is the limit


I almost didn't notice the missing wing too, until you mention it. So lovely.


I'll echo the comments about not noticing the missing wing. Nature is amazingly resilient.


I saw a dragonfly today. Wish they would sit still for me like this one did for you. Nice.


Nice! I got a dragonfly too! I love the story that goes along with the shot.


I think it's a great photo! Some of the best pictures are 'flawed' in some way. Perfection can get boring!

Nice capture!


Great picture. Very inspiring, indeed. There is nothing bad about it. I would not listen to the critics.

Have a great week.


Beautiful creature, even though he is missing one wing. Good message!!!

B i r g i t t a

It shines like gold :)


How true! Inspirational! You found a fine fellow!


Nice shot, and it would definitely make a nice inspirational poster.


This is the second dragonfly MYM photo I've seen today. Both are gorgeous!

Happy MYM.

Liz @ MLC

Joanne Olivieri

First, what a fantastic photo. The details in the shot are amazing. And, your take and inspirational words are beautiful. To see it through your eyes is wonderful.


How amazing is that! But, then, who are we to think that a dragonfly requires four wings to fly - or even three. It might do just fine with two. The Maker knows what He is doing!

Wonderful and inspiring photo and comment.

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