Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Choice - Healthy Recipies

Hubs is constantly lecturing me about my eating habits. For one, he gets upset with me, because I have a habit of just forgetting to eat. Yes, I know many of you will say that you wish you had that problem, but, according to Hubs, it's not a good problem to have. His other complaint about my eating habits is that when I do eat, I don't eat healthy. On that complaint, I must admit that he's right. I guess I figure I don't have to watch my weight, and, therefore, I don't eat healthy. Another reason I don't eat healthy is because I have myself convinced that I don't have the time to prepare healthy meals, or I believe I don't have the money to buy the ingredients for healthy meals.

Let me tell you, over this past week, I've realized that I was wrong, and my excuses for not eating healthy are simply that... excuses. I started looking through a site which was full of healthy recipes, and I realized that I really DO have the time to create these meals, and I really AM able to afford the ingredients for making healthy meals. Not only did I realize those things, but I also realized that even though I'm pretty inexperienced in the kitchen, I can still follow some simple recipes and improve not only MY health, but also HUB'S health.

So, rather than grabbing something to throw in the microwave, I'm going to start being conscious of our health. I'm going to print out some recipes, especially the 'quick preparation' recipes, and I'm going to start us on the road of eating healthier. It's in the best interest of both of us, and I should have started this a long time ago, rather than spending so much time coming up with excuses. Now, I need to start printing out these recipes, and start putting them to use. Hubs will be so thrilled!


Jen at Cabin Fever

Its always a good idea to try and be health conscious! Try and find recipes that are able to keep and taste good as leftovers. That saves you money and leftovers are acceptable healthy, microwavable meals. At least in my book :)


Two words.. Fast Food :P

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