Saturday, June 26, 2010

PhotoHunt *Purple*


I'm late, but there was no way I could miss posting for PhotoHunt this week! It's my birthday today, and, ironically, the theme for PhotoHunt today is PURPLE! Purple is my favorite color, which most of you know and are probably extremely tired of hearing about. PURPLE! PURPLE! PURPLE! I LOVE PURPLE! Wait... don't leave... I'm sorry. I just get so excited about purple, ya know. O.K. I'll stop. How 'bout I just show you a beautiful picture instead of rambling? O.K. Just for you...

(c) Misty DawnS



beautiful Misty! And Happy Birthday!


These are beautiful . Tiny and delciate. I love these. I think I have a photo the same almost. Different color but close.. Love yours . Mine is not as nice.
Great work.


Oh my gosh, This is so ironic.Tomorrow is my birthday and i absolutely adore purple.Especially pretty lavender colored flowers like the one above.Incredible...


gorgeous nelly


My purple post is up too.

Happy weekend.


Very lovely little purple flowers!

I'm glad to land on your site via photohunt. Mine is here

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