Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today's Flowers *Pretty in Pink*

(c) Misty DawnS

This is another of the photos I took when my work office-partner and I HAD to get away from the constant pounding, banging, drilling, and just plain non-stop noise of the construction going on below our office. So, we decided to take one of our 15 minute breaks together. I grabbed my camera (yes, the camera goes to work with me and sits next to me while I'm at my desk), and we headed out to a little garden area outside the University. I ran around snapping photos, while my co-worker enjoyed the sunshine and the peace and quiet. Let me tell ya, it was hard to force ourselves to go back inside!


This Eclectic Life

It IS pretty in pink! I love taking photos of flowers, and I bet that snapping photos on your break is a "pick-me-up." At least you get to be creative for 15 minutes!

Ann Flowers

Stunning picture of the flowers, will definitely make my day. Keep posting.

Maude Lynn

What a lovely shot!


Love the pink flowers of yours :D

My entry this week, in HERE. I hope you have time to visit as well. Thanks.


so sweet! it reminded me of pure baby beauty!

Have a flower day!

Kim, USA

That is beautiful, tiny little flower. And I love the color too. Happy Sunday!

Yellow Hollyhock


Beautiful!! Love the sweet pink colour!

Ashrunner them flowers 8v)

Joanne Olivieri

Each time I am out in nature, it's always a chore to get back inside. What delightfully lovely flowers. An unexpected treat while at work. Very nice photo.

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