Saturday, June 5, 2010

Today's Flowers *Spiderwort*

Spiderwort is one of my favorite wildflowers. I love how some are blue, and some have a purple tint to them. I "Googled" Spiderwort and had to laugh when I read that it is also called "Cow Slobber"! Ha! It sure is too pretty to be related to slobber, in my opinion. However, since it is plentiful in fields and pastures, I guess I can see how it would have received that nickname. It is said that the gooey sap you find if you break off the tip of the Spiderwort is why it got the Cow Slobber name. Regardless, I think it's a beautiful flower, and I'm always happy to see it start showing its beauty, because then I know that spring is here.

(c) Misty DawnS

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** I'm posting early, because I'm going away this evening and will probably end up sleeping in late in the morning (even though there's a fox with kits down the road I want to go photograph). So, you get my post early. Hopefully I'll remember to sign in on the linky later. hehe**


Ann Flowers

A stunning photo of beautiful flowers. Thanks so much for posting these incredible delights of nature.


Spiderwort has a lovely bluish-purple color---so pretty! What a funny common name it has! I would have picked Blue Marylou.

Quilt Works

What a lovely shade of blue! Very delicate flower and wonderful photo!


Kim, USA

Hehehe what a name!! This flower is so pretty and I like the color too. Love it! Happy Sunday!

My Flowers


Wow very pretty. Happy TF!

Mine is here

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