Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ABC Wednesday *A is for Arachnid*

This week, ABC Wednesday is starting over again at the beginning of the alphabet. I'm excited to be participating from the beginning. This is a meme I kept meaning to join, but never did at the right time. I'm glad to say I've been participating for a few weeks in a row now, and I'm thrilled to be participating when we start at the beginning. Now, I'm challenged to find a photo for each and every letter of the alphabet! This is gonna be fun!!!

So, for the 'start from the beginning post', I present to you...

"A" is for Arachnid
(c) Misty DawnS

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What an incredible capture. You can even count its eight legs! Glad you'll be participating from the very first letter.

ABC Wednesday Team

Sylvia K

A fantastic capture! Wow! You can indeed count its eight legs! Love it! Welcome to the beginning of Round 7 -- it's even more fun starting from the beginning!! Have a great week -- what's left of it!



beautiful, Misty.


Wow, a shot like that is only had once in a life time.... and you got it! Wonderful.


Fine capture - glad you didn't get a macro shot. ;) I'm not fond of these critters!


beautiful spider - I was thinking about a spider like that today and here he is in your post...nice..bkm


Terrific shot of my not so favorite arachnid. I like the lighting on the web too.


That's a beautiful shot of the spider. Great A!

Roger Owen Green

ROG, ABC Wednesday team


Very nice pic! :)


Hmmm... great picture but not my favorite subject. Much prefer your puppy at the top of the page. Still it is an 'A'.


Terrific photo. Every time I see a web with a spider in its midst, the wind is blowing. I've got arachnivy. Nice choice to start out this meme.

Mom Knows Everything

I have a picture of a spider I might post for CC just because there is a cute story behind it.


*run away* :P


Oh, so you call it that! I call it "ouch-nid-not"...and we have them in our house all the time. Woof!

Vinay Leo R.

oh yes.. cute arachnid :D

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