Thursday, July 22, 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday *Company While Fishing*

While I was back home on vacation, Dad and I were able to get in some fishing time. Since this is both of our favorite pastimes (we could do catalog printing on all we know about fishing), we were both in our element. Usually, I out-fish my daddy... hey, I'm just saying. However, I WILL suck it up and admit that he out-fished me TWO out of three fishing trips. I told him that I was going easy on him, but I'm worried that I'm losing my touch! hehe I think I need to hurry and get back there so I can redeem myself!!! SERIOUSLY! This is NOT O.K.!

Anyway... about the photo... Sorry, I got a little off track there! On one of our fishing outings, Dad and I took our friends' boat out and enjoyed talking, picking on each other, and, of course, catching fish (although I caught none that day *hanging head in shame*). While we were out, these Canada Geese decided to fly overhead and inquire as to if we were catching anything.

(c) Misty DawnS



The geese look so elegant up there. Just flapping. floating and coasting on the thermals in the Summer sun. And looking so beautiful in flught


The light is stunning and they are beautiful. Nice to hear you had a great time.

EG CameraGirl

I love the rosy glow on the geese.

Sounds like you and your dad have tons of fun together. :)

Carolyn Ford

Ahhh...such beautiful light illuminating those geese in flight...a stunning capture.

Adrienne Zwart

This is beautiful, Misty.


Bragging about out fishing your old dad... nice capture of the geese, though.

Any day spent fishing never counts against the final tally.




Sounds like an (almost) ideal day: fishing, clear sky, and geese in flight! I am never quick enough to get such magnificent pictures of flying birds...


Canadas in formation are always a great sight, and you captured them so nicely. Great photo, Misty!

Amazing Gracie

I love Canadian geese! But I just read that they're planning on killing 170,000 of them in N.Y. Sad... I guess they cause incidents with planes.
It's a beautiful picture, Misty!

Flo de Sendai

I'd like so much to see these geese in true !

"Middle of Nowhere, Turn left at the cow : Missouri" made me laught: IOWA and MISSOURI are the only 2 places I've been in the USA ! And I loved them....


it's a lovely shot...these geese might wanted a fish for snack..

mine is here


oh my, these geese are lovely. i love their color, perfect for a sky blue background.

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