Sunday, July 11, 2010

Macro Monday *Red Spotted Purple Love*

These mating Red Spotted Purple (yes, that's the real name) butterflies flitted past me as I was walking through my yard on the way back from the pond. I was having random thoughts about about how many fish I'll catch in Ohio, acne face wash, and why you drive in a parkway but park in a driveway (Seriously! I'm that random!), but when I saw this pair, I began following them all around the yard, hoping they would land and allow me to get a photo (does that make me a butterfly voyeur?). Finally, they did briefly land and allowed me to get a couple photos.

Yes, I'm using the same post for both Macro Monday and Ruby Tuesday. Let me plead my case... First of all, the photo definitely fits both memes. It does!!! Second, I'm in Ohio so my internet time is limited. Are my excuses acceptable? Whew! I was worried!

(c) Misty DawnS

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beautiful--I've never seen such unique colors! You must post a pic of you and your dad together before you leave too! :)

Mom Knows Everything

Opps I think you interrupted them. hehe

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