Saturday, July 24, 2010

PhotoHunt *Hanging*


The theme for PhotoHunt this week is "hanging". So, of course, I decided to use another photo from my recent trip back to Ohio to visit friends and family. Dad, Matouk, and I had gone for a walk and were just 'hanging out' together and enjoying each others' company. When we were pulling back out of the parking lot to head back home, Dad saw this butterfly and commented on how large it was. He was saying that he thought only the yellow ones were that big. I explained that I thought this might be a Black Tiger Swallowtail, as the yellow ones he was referring to are Tiger Swallowtails.

So, of course, he stopped so I could go out and take photos of it. It wasn't a very cooperative model for me. It kept wanting to 'hang' upside down and just look at me, rather than allow me to photograph its damaged, yet pretty, wings!

Hanging Out
(c) Misty DawnS

While I go make myself a sandwich with fresh tomatoes from our garden (no hydroxycut for me) and listen to it storm AGAIN, scroll down to check out my Camera-Critters post, and then join in the fun of both Camera-Critters AND PhotoHunt! You don't wanna miss it!



Lovely butterfly just hanging around !!!
almost like my pic because I have a bumblebee in my pic :)
Greetings from Finland.


Lovely! I can see where it's wing is damaged - I feel sad for it.

I posted an animal, too. Come on over and check it out!


hey! You're hunting this week! Great photo Misty!

Corner Gardener Sue

I love butterflies! I have photos of a couple kinds on my CC post, that I finally got finished with. I need to quit putting so many photos in each post.

Well, this is a great one for hanging out. It sounds like you had a great time at your dad's.


Eastern Tiger Swallowtails can be large bugs. This one is beat up quite a bit.

Michelle-aneous Musings

Beautiful photo and a great contribution for "hanging"! Thanks for sharing!! :-)

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