Monday, July 5, 2010

Ruby Tuesday *Playful Cardinal*

You can't get much more appropriate for Ruby Tuesday than a beautiful red male Cardinal! This particular Cardinal was playing games with me though. I had taken a break at work and gone outside with my camera. I spotted this Cardinal in the tree singing to me. So, I took its photo. I would walk closer, and when I would lift the camera to my eye, the Cardinal would fly in a nearby bush and hid behind the leaves. So, I gave up and started to walk to the door to go inside. Then, the Cardinal flew out of the bush, landed in the tree again, and started singing to me again. So, I turned around and went back to take its photo. It then flew back in the bush. We played this game about four times, until I finally said, "O.K. I've GOT to get back inside and back to work!" It then sat and posed for me for several photos. I could just imagine it saying "Well, fine, if you're gonna be a party pooper!"

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beautiful shot. We had a cardinal nest in our tree last year and had the pleasure of watching them hatch. No pictures though, sadly.


He's gorgeous!

Kim, USA

Great cardinal shot!!

Wild blackberries

Adrienne Zwart

LOL, makes you wonder if they really do think such things.


A perfect cardinal photo! I love how his little top is partly up! I'm like you, would prefer to be out with my camera instead of in doing housework!

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