Saturday, July 24, 2010

Today's Flowers *Hosta Bokeh*

My dad had Hostas planted all around his home, and they looked so pretty! I was amazed at how they withstood a certain wolf dragging his leash through them while he was hooked on his run. The one day, my dad needed to go help another family member whose truck had broke down. Since my uncle didn't have any testosterone boosters that work and couldn't push his truck home, my dad decided he would go pick him up and bring him home. Yeah, our family is good like that. LOL Anyway, while Dad was gone, I decided to take some photos of his flowers. I really like how the leaves of the Hosta really make the bokeh background in this photo look like green waves.

(c) Misty DawnS

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i beati

the lighting superb sandy

Tammie Lee

this photo is quite lovely.


Lovely image, Misty Dawn!


superb shot of a gorgeous flower.


There does appear to be a sea of green in the background. Nice image, Misty.

Joanne Olivieri

They are so delicate and lovely to experience especially through your eyes

Adrienne Zwart

Very lovely, Misty! Our hosta are finished blooming, at least the ones the deer didn't get to first, that is. Did your dad's have very many blooms?


Beautiful flowering hosta, great shot.


what a lovely shot of these lovely flowers...these flowers surely look a lot prettier they are fully bloomed

mine is here

Muhammad khabbab

ah what a beauty. lovely shot.

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