Saturday, July 31, 2010

Today's Flowers *Rattlesnakes and Blazing Stars*

The two flowers in the photo below are common along the rows of berries we planted back by our pond. The purple flower, which resembles a purple cattail, is Liatris Pycnostachys, with the common name of Prairie Blazing Star. The butterflies really like this flower, which results in my really liking this flower. hehe

The plant with the round spikey balls is Eryngium Yuccifolium with the common name of Rattlesnake Master. This plant is in the carrot family. It is called Rattlesnake Master because the pioneers believed that the root could be an antidote to rattlesnake bites.

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Rattlesnake Master is such an interesting name, and fascinating that the pioneers thought it was an antidote.
The purple flower is lovely. We have some here that look similar. Perhaps they are of the same family.


Beautiful flower.


Love the rattlesnake bites!
Thanks for passing along the info about butterflies. I want to plant whatever I can to attract more. :)


perfect description rattlesnake...I hate snake even the word "snake". hehehe
Anyway, I like the stunning purple flower.

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what a beautiful, interesting flower.


Great information on two flowers I have only discovered recently. Thanks Misty! I love your photo.
An English Girl Rambles


I feel for the poor folks who didn't respond to "Rattlesnake Master" and became "Rattlesnake
Victim" instead. I like the plant, regardless..they look nice growing together. I haven't seen many rattlesnakes, though we do have them in my native Georgia. I forget where but there used to be a rattlesnake roundup every year.

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interesting names, especially the Rattlesnake Master. terrific shot.

Chubskulit Rose

Looks exotic and gorgeous!

Lovely blooms!

Moon Flower


Prairie Blazing Star—an appropriate name. I wonder if the Rattlesnake Master actually cured rattlesnake bites. Lovely shot!

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