Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ABC Wednesday *C is for Chicory*


This week in the ABC Wednesday Meme, we are on the letter "C". So, I chose a photo of the wildflower Chicory. Chicory grows abundantly in my rural area of Missouri. The people from these parts don't really give Chicory a second glance. I, however, think it's very beautiful. The flowers can be blue, white, or even have a purple tint to them. Sometimes, there are different color flowers on the same plant.

Some of the varieties of Chicory are cultivated for salad leaves, and sometimes, the root of the Chicory is baked, ground, and used as a coffee substitute or additive.

So I present to you...

"C" is for Chicory
(c) Misty DawnS



The flower is so beautiful!


I didn't realize that chicory was such a lovely flower. Great close up too.

Living In Williamsburg Virginia

Great shots.

Darryl and Ruth : )


I had no clue chicory was so beautiful.


It's quite beautiful - I don't think I've seen one before...


What a beautiful blue, - we have chicory here in the Similkameen, growing wild along the roads. Such a pretty picture when it is in bloom.

Oakland Daily Photo

I learned something here. Didn't know chicory had a flower. And a pretty one too.

Roger Owen Green

ditto re the surpringly pretty flower

ROG, ABC Wednesday team


See, it's true! You can learn something new every day and yes, you can also teach an old dog new tricks too! I had no idea chickory was such a pretty flower!


Lovely chicory! Love it's indigo color. Beautiful capture. :)


Oh, yes, chicory -- one of my favorite roadside wildflowers and your photo is great and shows it in all its glory!
Thank you from me
Helen Mac and
the ABC team


An exquisite flower - impressive photo. I've never tried chicory coffee but I'd like to. (maybe) :)


A wonderfully pretty little flower - and such a lovely blue! A case of familiarity breeding contempt, perhaps?


I think it's pretty!

doyle and mollie

woof hoo to you - we know you used to play blues coloured thursdays, blue is taking a break from blogging so we wanted to point you in the direction of another blog that can keep her meme alive in her absence if you still want to play loves and licks hope to see you over at


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