Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ABC Wednesday *F is for Frogs*


This week, for the ABC Wednesday meme, we are on the letter "F". Some of you may have already seen this photo on Misty's Words, because I used it for last week's Camera-Critters. However, I hadn't used it on this blog, and it definitely fits for the letter "F".

So, I present to you...

"F" is for Frogs
(c) Misty DawnS

The temperatures were in the 90's, and it was VERY, VERY humid and hot and just plain miserable. So, I was amazed when I saw hundreds of frogs sitting on top of the algae on the pond. I'm telling ya, if it were me, I'd be in the water cooling off!

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look at those! I LOVE THEM. My 4 year old loves frogs.

Sylvia K

What great looking Frogs! And what a great choice for the F Day! Fantastic photo! Have a great week!


Misfit in Paradise

The sounds of frogs are the sounds of summer. Great photo.
Thanks for participating.
Donna - ABC Wednesday

Roger Owen Green

a fine flurry of frogs, indeed.

On behalf of ABC Wednesday team, thank you! - ROG


Oh my gosh, what a flock a frogs! Great shot!


Yeah, what are they thinking? It's surely much cooler in the water, perhaps beneath the algae. Great post!

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