Friday, August 20, 2010

Camera-Critters #124

C'mon Kids! Hurry up! I didn't expect HER to be here!
Wait Mom! Who's HER! She looks interesting!
Junior, keep following me and keep quiet!
But Mooooom, she looks interesting! Can't I get a closer look?
NOOOOOOOO Junior! You will follow me!
But Moooooooom!
(c) Misty DawnS

She looks cool! And, she seems interested in me too!
SEE! She's not doing anything to me,
except making her big third eye make a clicking sound!
See Mom! No harm done!
(c) Misty DawnS

Hey MOM???????
Where'd ya go MOM???
(c) Misty DawnS

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Hahahaha poor thing he got lost! :)

Nice entry you hot here. :)


What an adorable family :) Beautiful critter shots!

Singapore plants lover

Poor one get lost here...Thank you for hosting such a wonderful meme.


Hhahaha this is cute. great shot. I wonder where the mom went


What a gorgeous family shot!


Fantastic captures! The top shot is a winner! :-)

EG CameraGirl

Cute but naughty! We had three up on our roof last week, which we promptly captured in our have-a-heart trap and transported to a wooded area. :)


Great commentary & great shots, too!!!


Oh, they are just so charming!


Oh, my! How funny and delightful! Great commentary and photos, Misty.

Joanne Olivieri

What a beautiful little family there. Great detailed shots.

Cheryl Kohan

These are just fabulous! Great captures...all of them!


Wonderful, detailed shots! That family pic is almost moving, every one of them has a foot in the air! Love the bandit face of a raccoon, so inquisitive! And worried..Mom???

HA! Love the idea of the Third Eye that goes 'click' !!


'her big third eye' !!
that's hilarious
they are adorable


That is one fabulous post Misty and I loved the dialog between mum and the kids. I think I would drop my camera with excitement if I saw a sight like that. You must have great reflexes :)


They are tooooo cute! Lucky to happen upon them. sure hope they aren't too close to your house.

Corner Gardener Sue

You sure see some cool critters, and take wonderful photos of them. I love the captions, too.


Junior should listen to his momma... I haven't seen any raccoon this year, thank goodness. We had a couple that were brazen and would come up to the house and look in. I think the wildlife people relocated them out further down to the great dismal swamp area.


Great post, Misty. Wonderful photos and terrific captions 8v)


So cute! And typical kid, not listening to mom.


They are so cute! Great shots of them all together. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Maude Lynn

These are so cute!


These photos are so cute.

Iowa Gardening Woman

So cute, Mama and the kids.

Ben and Carrie Tracks

Wonderful pictures - so glad to have stumbled across your site - worked (we're wildlife biologists who travel) with raccoons a few years back and they are such amazing animals! Can't believe you captured such candid shots :)


Wow! So unusual to see raccoons out during the day.


Perfect narrative. LOL They are so cute!


They are so adorable. Love the last one where he's looking for him mom!

Well done.

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