Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Want to Watch Movies

I love to watch movies. My love of movies is similar to my obsession with books. When I find an actor or actress I really like, I end up wanting to watch ALL their movies. Yeah, it's a thing with me.

When summer rolled around, Hubs and I talked about putting our dish cable on vacation. We talked about this for a couple reasons. First, we pay quite a bit a month for that service. Second, there really isn't much on television this time of year. So, I suggested that we put the dish cable on vacation and join a service that offers a great deal on unlimited movies! I thought it was the perfect plan! Usually, when I ask Hubs if he wants to watch a movie, he acts like he's not interested. However, when we finally do sit down together and watch a movie, we really enjoy the time together.

So, I was thinking that if we could find some deals at Netflix, it would be a great idea. I've heard so many wonderful things about Netflix. In fact, everyone I've talked to who uses Netflix absolutely loves it.

I don't have Hubs convinced yet. However, I'm not giving up, because I think it would be something we'd really enjoy, and it would give us some quality time together, which we are quite short on lately.


Jen at Cabin Fever

My husband keeps trying to convince me to get netflix too, but I am holding out. I don't want another monthly bill! But I do love movies. That's one of the few things to do up here in the winter!

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