Thursday, August 26, 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday *Invasion Take Two*

Yes, I'm posting another photo from my experience with the thousands of Common Green Darner dragonflies, which are attracted to the hay bales stacked along the road. Hey, I couldn't help myself! I think the photos are cool, even if I wasn't at all successful at capturing the dragonflies in focus. Trust me, when you have thousands of dragonflies in constant motion, it is VERY difficult to capture any of them in focus. Trust me, I tried several times... thank goodness for digital. Otherwise, I would have gone through lots of film.

On another note, my office partner, who has become one of my dearest friends, just got a couple local jobs taking family photos and senior portraits! I'm SO happy for her, because I really think her portrait photography is outstanding! She thinks I'm just being nice, but I honestly think she could make a living at it. So... way to go "Gooby"!!! And, if you chicken out and don't take these opportunities, I'll never shut up about it! hehe

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Living In Williamsburg Virginia

What a Hitchock like feel this has! Excellent photo.

Darryl and Ruth : )


The bales are a wonderful subject that are artistic - the dragonflies enhance the hay by flying by the thousands of the harvest. With all sitting underneath a beautiful sky, the lovely summer picture is stunning!


I agree... the photo is really cool.


What a fun shot!


I really like these shots, too - focussed dragonflies or not. I like the hay bales and the sky.

I was just saying the same thing in my post - thank goodness for digital. I wasn't copying you, really I wasn't!


This is an awesome post! I love the hay bails, and would definitely like to see that many dragonflies at one time. Wow!

Isn't digital photography the best invention ever...:) And I agree..our dogs do keep us sane!


Looking @ The Sky On Friday

We see lots of those around these parts! :) Great shot and best of luck to your friend on the new adventures of photography!

Thanks (as always) for playing along!



Thank you, Misty! Good thing I have you to keep my encouragement up!! :-)


Oh my gosh! That's a LOT of dragonflies! Amazing!

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