Thursday, August 19, 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday *Invasion*

I'm late for this week's Looking at the Sky on Friday meme post, but what else is new? I feel like I'm late to everything anymore! I've got so much going on and not enough hours in the day or not enough days in the week! I'm tired... so... very... tired! However, I didn't want to miss this meme, because it's one of my favorites!

If you click on the photo to view it large, you will be able to see what caused me to stop to take some photos. There were thousands of Darner dragonflies flying over these round hay bales. You ask why? I have no idea. However, it was pretty cool, and it was quite a challenge trying to photograph them, at which I wasn't very successful. I WAS however successful at getting some good photos of some other critters I saw that night... but to see them, you'll have to come visit my Camera-Critters post tomorrow!!!

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The sky is pretty, a soft blue/white combination above the land. These bales are outstanding! The strands of hay look to me like sepia waterfalls, each falling into the abyss between. Wonderful farm views, up and sown...


I like the framing, better with the tree and the hay...

Teacher Engineer

cool sky picture u got here;)


Great composition. It looked like a ditch at first. And the colors are fantastic. How lucky to have those many dragonflies. Photo op! :)


Sky full of dragonflies. How cool! I saw something on the news about a lot of dragonflies somewhere around here - but not where I've seen them, and I can't remember why they said they were there. Not much help, am I?

Carolyn Ford

wow, there ARE a lot of dragonflies! I love the hay bales...not something I see everyday, for sure! What a great subject(s)!

EG CameraGirl

I like the way you shot the bales! Yep, I enlarged the photo and saw tons of dragonflies. I guess they were pretty happy with the munchies there.

Kim, USA

I so thought you are already invaded by aliens hehe! It's a huge bales of hay ^_^ Happy Friday!
Rainbow Connection


The sky is really pretty, but I actually like the hay bales very much :)


Definitely a lot of darners hanging around the hay. 8v)

And the composition is really nice...good lines of force leading to the tree.

Joanne Olivieri

That is an amazing shot. Wow! I'm loving the entire composition.


Great shot of those buzzing dragonflies!


I would do the same thing too... stop and take pictures if I will see hundreds of dragonflies flying. great capture and the the round hay bales... great composition.

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