Sunday, August 1, 2010

Macro & Mellow Yellow Monday *Leafcutter Bee*


Once again, I'm combining my Macro Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday memes into one post. I hope that doesn't upset anyone, but I keep managing to find images which fit both memes, and I enjoy participating in both memes.

I took the photo of this bee, because it caught my attention when it was flying around. The reason it caught my attention is because as it flew around, it carried this piece of leaf around with it. I thought this was very interesting. So, I, of course, photographed it. Later, I was telling my buddy about it and sent him the photo. He said that it is a Leafcutter Bee.

Leafcutter Bees cut leaf fragments and use those fragments to construct their nests. So that's why is was carrying a piece of leaf around with it!!! Maybe I'm just weird, but I think it's SO cool to learn stuff like this! If you are like me, and you're interested in learning more, here is a link with gives a lot of interesting information on the Leafcutter Bees.

I also like how the eye looks in this photo.
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Now that's a bee I've never heard of before. I've learned something today. Nice capture!

Don't Bug Me!

Heard of them, but never seen one actually carrying around a leaf - nice shot.


Excellent shot! To get it with the leaf is awesome.


Looks like he's just hanging out on the leaf. Great details.


I agree with Carletta: getting both in a picture takes some doing.
Wish we could see the teeth that it uses for cutting those fancy shapes.


Wow! Fantastic - such skill and patience!

Hootin' Anni

Wow....this is just one awesome photo. But of course I tend to KNOW beforehand when I click on your link, you'll not disappoint!

AN OLD RUSTED LANTERN is my macro shot today. I hope you can find time to stop by for a visit. Have a great Monday.


looks like a tired bee :) Great shot!

Jay at The Depp Effect

Well done for getting a photo of this one actually with his leaf! Great picture!

OH saw one of those flying through the air the other day and called out to me in amazement 'That bee was carrying a leaf!!'

He was even more amazed when I told him (without even looking) what type of bee it was. He thought I was making it up! LOL!

Kim, USA

Is this bug sleeping? Looks like hehe!

Blueberry Lane



Very cool picture!

I got a bumblebee for my CC post this week!



Happy Monday! My yellow is posted now too.


great macro's


What a cool pic, Misty!!!


Very cool photo of the leaf cutter bee. Did not know there was such a thing and yes I love learning this stuff also. Thanks for the link. I am going to check it out right now.
An English Girl Rambles

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