Sunday, August 29, 2010

Macro Monday *Buckeye Duo*

I don't usually say this about my own photos, but I really, really like this photo. I was thrilled to capture two of my favorite butterfly, the Common Buckeye, in the same image. Plus they are both showing off their beautiful wings, which is an added bonus! And, did I mention they are on a purple wildflower? Just sayin'!

But, I have to wonder... do you think that one is planning an ambush from behind to claim the wildflower all to itself? I do think I detect a plan here...

(c) Misty DawnS

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gorgeous, Misty. Have a beautiful Monday.


Stunning capture!


That is indeed a gorgeous picture. No wonder you are thrilled. So, Buckeye is its name. And 2 no less :-)


I can barely capture one little flutterby at a time and you got two!
Beautiful shot!


You know, I think you may be right. There is a plot a brewin'. ;) Lucky you! I'm thinkin' it's a darn good shot.

Joanne Olivieri

What a beautiful composition. Rich and vibrant colors and just all around wonderful capture. It's a treat to see them closeup

Tammie Lee

gorgeous as can be!


love a butterfly.


Beautiful butterflies! Lovely composition!

Sinagpore plants lover

It is so beautiful, I love the details of the butterfly's wing.

Elaine @ Commotion

What a truly beautiful capture. And to not only get one butterfly, but two!!


what a lovely picture and two butterflies!

A Bit of the Blarney

Oh my!!! I'm speechless!!! Beautiful doesn't quiet do it justice! Cathy

Hootin' Anni

And here I thought seeing two on one blossom was a treat for me [I have those photos I took on my photo blog] you have two also!!! Beautiful Dawn.

A link to My Macro Photo

Hope to see you visit me ...have a glorious Monday.


So it's a buckeye?! I never knew that. I came for Macro monday which I have on my photo blog, but I have a photo of a buckeye and two smaller butterflies on my regular blog. I need to identify them! Do you typically know their names? They were all on one bloom together.


LOVE it! Oh the luck! Nice to see two!

Adrienne Zwart

Gorgeous, Misty!


Gorgeous! I love butterflies, and they seem to be in an abundance this year. Not sure if it's the heat or what.


Gorgeous capture....nice shallow depth really makes the butterflies stand out!

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