Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday *Sunny Days*


I, once again, could have used my Macro Monday photograph for Mellow Yellow Monday, because it is of a Swallowtail butterfly, which has yellow on its wings. However, when I took the photo below, I specifically had Mellow Yellow Monday in mind. So, I was eager to use this photo for Mellow Yellow Monday, because I like the whole composition of this photo, and I really like the bokeh (blurred and out of focus background) in the photo.

These flowers remind me of sunshine and sunny days. So, I guess it's quite appropriate that I'm posting this photo this week, because we are experiencing some serious sunny and H.O.T. days right now. In fact, we are under excessive heat warnings. We don't have the luxury of central air in our home. I must admit... as much as I LOVE summer, I'm ready for fall. I never thought I'd say that I was ready for summer to end, but this summer has been an exception for me. It has either been pouring rain for days, or it has been so hot that you can't get out and enjoy summer. *sigh* I'd be ready to check out some Outer banks short sales, but it's probably hot there too. In fact, I think it has been excessively hot in many areas of the country. So, I should probably quit complaining, because it could always be worse!

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Maude Lynn

I love the composition of this!


beautiful shot Misty
I love the slight blur
and the light and color is lovely


Beautiful yellow for MYM - love it!


Pretty :)


Perfectly pleasing mellow yellow!
love it!!


Very lovely mellow yellow, great shot ;)


They are wonderful and would be a great reminder of sunshine in the winter. :)


Very pretty!! I LOVE yellow flowers!!


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