Sunday, August 29, 2010

Today's Flowers *Rose Bokeh*

The other day at work, one of my friends came back from lunch and came into my office. She told me I needed to take my camera and go outside and take a photo of the butterfly sitting on the cement by the fountain. Yes, I take my camera to work with me... is that strange?

Anyway, I, of course, obliged her. I swung the camera bag over my shoulder and headed down the steps and out the door. I photographed the Buckeye butterfly who was waiting to model for me, and then I proceeded to take a few photos of the flowers in the flower garden and outdoor planters. I was so lost and wrapped up in my 'photography zone' that I hadn't even noticed the group of students sitting on a blanket in the grass. LOL They were all looking at me kinda of strange... They probably thought I was weird. Oh well.

(c) Misty DawnS

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Wonderful spot focus on the petal and the bokeh is such a lovely backdrop!
Beautiful image Misty!


I love the point of focus in this shot and how the background flowers are there, but only softly there.

Nice shot!


Haha, I do that too! Bring my camera and shoot like a madman!

The roses are pretty.


To be a little weird is a good thing, I truly believe that ;) And I take my camera everywhere I go, you just never know. Lovely photo, thanks Misty.
An English Girl Rambles


I'm starting to take my camera with me, too. Otherwise, how would we get those "natural" nature shots!? ♥♫


Beautiful picture!


I love how buds are so very bright and the petals pale as the days go by. So pretty~

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