Friday, September 3, 2010

Camera-Critters #126

The other day, at work, one of my favorite people, "T", came back from lunch and came walking, with a purpose, into my office. I knew she had something on her mind. "What do you want?!?!" I exclaimed. This doesn't faze T, cuz she's so used to me. She just looked at me and stated, "You need to take your camera and go outside and take a photo of the butterfly that is sitting by the fountain." So, the camera bag went over my shoulder (yes, I take my camera to work with me... what of it??), and I headed down the steps and out the door. It's funny, because on my way, I asked T if it was a Buckeye butterfly. She just looked at me and asked, "How would I know? It's a butterfly, and I knew you should take pictures of it!" (I just adore that woman!)

Sure enough, when I walked outside, and the door closed behind me, I saw a Common Buckeye butterfly sitting by the fountain ready to pose for some photos. I had a feeling it would be a Buckeye, because they are very plentiful around here right now. That's O.K. with me though, because they are my favorite butterfly. You see, I'm originally from Ohio, which is "the Buckeye state". So, the "Buckeye Butterfly" has become my fave. :-)

Besides, it's beautiful, isn't it?!?!
(c) Misty DawnS

When I came back in the office, I told T that it was, in fact, a Buckeye butterfly. She replied, "That's nice. Did you get pictures of it?" LOL This is the same woman who doesn't bat an eye when I exclaim all excitedly that the little bats are hanging on the building outside, and I'm going to go photograph them. She's come to know and accept me so well... and she still likes me... go figure! (P.S. photos of the bat coming soon... he even twitched his ears at me today and I think he was smiling for the camera too.)

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Adrienne Zwart

Gorgeous shot of this butterfly, Misty! We Ohioans are proud to claim you as one of our own. :)


The buckeye butterfly is beautiful, but I'm really looking forward to the bat photos!


Nice butterfly shot!

Gardening in a Sandbox

Wow...what a beautiful butterfly. Nice capture.


Isn't it great when our passion is acknowledged and accepted? Even better when we get tips on possible great captures. Wonderful photo.


Amazingly beautiful butterfly :)
I envy you your nice colleague.

Alan Pulley

Hey Misty,
Great photo of the common buckeye! I've seen a lot of them here this summer too. Can't wait to see the bat photos.

Have a great weekend!!


Jackpot! Good thing you got a shot of this gorgeous creature. :)

Mine is here : Beauty of Nature


What a beauty!


What a beautiful butterfly. I have never seen a Buckeye except in photos. I took a photo of a bald-headed Blue Jay this week. Have a great weekend Misty.
An English Girl Rambles


Exceptionally beautiful, Misty! I seldom see this species, but they are one of my favorites.


Hiya Misty,
Lovely patterns on those wings. Wish we had some of those over in Europe.
Thanks for hosting.


Such pretty wings! Great photo.

Photos of a Feather Brain


Such pretty wings! Great photo.

Photos of a Feather Brain


Gorgeous colour! butterfly will always be gorgeous anyways..Good day!


Wow, so beautiful and a wonderful shot of it too.


A beautiful capture.

cats of wildcat woods

What a lovely butterfly and great shot - thank to you fellow worker!

Carolina Mountains

We can't wait for the bat photos!

Joanne Olivieri

The perfect capture. What a beautiful butterfly. Hey, taking your camera to work with you is a must as capturing this little guy proves. I take my camera everywhere.


I don't think I have ever seen a butterfly with such fresh colors before. It is gorgeous. Well captured!


what beautiful color! We see loads of monarchs around here.


Wow, awesome shot Misty. He has great markings, thanks for sharing:)


you have people scouting photos for you!!
that makes you a celeb photographer :)
beautiful butterfly

Corner Gardener Sue

Hi Misty Dawn,
That sure is a beauty! I should be more like you and not post so many photos. I guess my CC is mostly about what critters I've seen in my yard during the week. I have trouble deciding which photos to exclude. I just got my post done and posted.

Corner Gardener Sue

Oh, and I think it's cool you take your camera to work, and, like your husband does at home, your co-worker tells you when there's a critter sighting.

Susan Cook

Beautiful butterfly - I didn't know the name of them. Thanks for sharing. :)


It's gorgeous and I like the shadow too.

Brad Myers

That is a beautiful butterfly. Last year we had no butterflies at my house this year there seems to be hundred but none with those markings.

Kerri Farley


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