Friday, September 10, 2010

Camera-Critters #127

Some people may find the following critter in the following photo "scary" or "creepy" or "ugly". I disagree. I find the following critter in the following photo "totally cool" and "really cute". O.K., I'm sure many of you will disagree with me, but I've already accepted that I'm different from most people. I guess I'd agree with you that the critter wouldn't be on the list of the top
21st birthday gift ideas for her, but it's still cute, when you open your mind and really give it a chance! Honest!!!

And, no, I haven't gone batty on ya.
Well... maybe I have... just a little, bitty batty...
(c) Misty DawnS

This bat, and sometimes more, hang out where I work. They mind their own business and just 'hang around' on the building by the helipad... they don't bother anyone. So, no one should bother them... except for a critter-addicted girl who is addicted to her camera, of course!

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oh no... this gives me goosebumps. though cute. hahaha


Now that's an unusual critter to photograph! Great capture!


declaring them "cute" is not batty at all! Great photo Misty.


Though I don't like bats the way it looks at this photo is cute. :)


It's an adorable little gremlin :)

The Mistress of the Dark

Awww so cute! My critter is here

Coy Hill

Good catch Misty! People should love these little critters, they sure do beat pesticides for keeping the flying insect population in check.

A small wetland that I frequent has three large bat boxes and never once have I been bitten by a mosquito; for that I love these little guys!

Martha Z

I agree, cool indeed. I've tried to capture bat shots but have never been sucessful.


What an adorable creature!


Well, Batgirl...that sure ain't Robin there 8v) Nice shot.


Very cute.


Great capture! Are those bats visible during the day?

Joanne Olivieri

That's a cool shot. I've seen a couple fairly closeup a while back but this shot is so very detailed.

Carolina Mountains

Amazing you got a shot of him. Love bats. We waited hours to see tons of them come out from under a bridge in Florida once - so cool!


Good that you were able to capture this. In our place they run right away whenever they hear sounds and footstep. Wonderful shot!

Maude Lynn

My daughter would love to have him for a birthday gift!


Misty, he allowed himself to be photographed! Mine won't. Vampires steer clear of the light, including BatCritter!


Like the photo!


eek! *run away*

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