Friday, September 17, 2010

Camera-Critters #128

I've been waiting to post these photos for what seems like forever! I got these photos on a Saturday, so my Camera-Critters for that week had already been posted. THEN... I had promised everyone that a photo of the bat, who hangs out at work, would be coming. So, I needed to post the bat last week. FINALLY, I get to post these photos!!! I've had to use a LOT of patience waiting to post these, and, trust me, when it comes to sharing photos that I like, I'm not a very patient girl! LOL

Hubs had gone to check cattle, and I was getting ready to go for a walk, when I heard Hub's truck coming down the road, and he was beeping the horn. I know what that means. It means grab your camera and get ready to jump in the truck cuz I've found something for you to photograph. I was at the driveway, with my camera around my neck, before he even pulled in. LOL He smiled big, and we headed down the road. I kept asking what I was going to photograph, but he kept saying, "You'll see." Then, he turned onto a gravel road, and I saw this...

(c) Misty DawnS

I was jumping out of the truck, before Hubs could even get it stopped. This Great Horned Owl was injured with a broken wing. So, after photographing it, we got ahold of the game warden. After calling the game warden, I decided to go for a walk. My cell phone rang, and it was the game warden. He was looking for the owl, but couldn't find it. So, I told him to drive down the road and pick me up, and I would help him find it. So, I climbed in a truck with the game warden, his pregnant wife, and their two children, and we went to find the owl. We found it, and the game warden took it to a rehab. Don't ya just love happen endings?

(c) Misty DawnS

Let me tell ya, it was quite the fiasco trying to get ahold of the game warden. We looked in the phone book with no success. Then, we called Hub's aunt to ask her where to call. She drove over to the ex-game warden's house and asked him. She was told we had to call the Sheriff's Office, and they would contact the game warden, and the game warden would then call us back! Geesh, talk about needed to use a directory submission service! How would you get ahold of him if there were an emergency?!?! Anyway, I now have his phone number in my phone... just in case I find more critters who need rescued. ;-)

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Jen at Cabin Fever

Don't you just love small towns? That sounds like the process to get a hold of someone here. Have your relative get a hold of a friend who will give them a call. Love it.

I was going to say that the owl looked like it was hurt (and pissed). Glad he (she?) is going to be ok! Good KARAM for you :)

Great photos by the way!

Brad Myers

Wow! what a great encounter, I will trade you soem deer and elk for some owls. Thanks for vamera critters, Brad.


What a beautiful owl! I'm glad you were finally able to find the game warden, and he's on his way to recovery.

Cheryl Kohan

That is a fabulous post and awesome photos!! I'm sooooo glad you found the game warden so he could save that beautiful owl. And your hubby is quite the guy...watching out for photo ops for you!


Wow - what an amazing encounter! That photo is superb! Thank goodness it ended well.


Fantastic shots of the beautiful owl. I'm glad he got rescued and hopefully he will be able to fly again soon.


Cool shots! I really love to see an owl in person! Thanks for sharing!! :)

Trish ~ ♥ ~

beautiful critter, glad to hear you helped him. hopefully he'll be flying around again shortly.


Remarkable captures :-)

Pixellicious Photos


I'm so glad that you were able to help him!

Nubbin wiggles,


Glad to know he was taken to rehab. Great shots of a wonderful bird!


Great photos of beautiful bird. I do hope it wasn't badly injured.

Sounds like it was an interesting adventure 8v)

Joanne Olivieri

An amazing shot and I'm so happy you helped him.


These are super.


awwww... poor little thing. it is cute though.


Wise Old Owl to hang around 'til you came to the rescue!

Corner Gardener Sue

I love the variety of critters you get to see. I don't think anyone would mind if you put up photos of different ones. I sure do, and I posted too many today, because it took way too much time to get it finished and posted. I did spend most of the day buying groceries, cooking and serving a meal at a local outreach center, otherwise I would have gotten the post done earlier, though.

Awesome photos, as always!


Cool sighting, I love owls. Great shots!

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